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It's me, your patient, caring Mandarin tutor!
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 Maylands, Western Australia, Australia

Private Chinese / Mandarin tutor in Perth

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

I am a Mandarin native speaker from Taipei, Taiwan. I know that both Mandarin words and language are difficult for non-native learners, so let's learn Mandarin bit by bit, without great pressure, I will teach you patiently, and carefully. I am currently studying for a Master of Business Psychology at UWA, so if you have any interest in Psychology, I will share some relative knowledge with you in English and Mandarin. Let's explore in Mandarin! If you want to learn the traditional Chinese words, I am confident to say, I will be your best choice! 我是來自台灣的普通話母語者。 我知道普通話的單字和語言對於非中文母語學習者來說都很難,所以讓我們沒有壓力地一點一點學習,我會耐心地、仔細地教你。 我目前正在西澳大學攻讀商業心理學碩士,所以如果您對心理學有興趣,我會用同時用英語和普通話與您分享一些相關知識。 讓我們開啟普通話世界的探險吧! 如果你想學習繁體中文,那我可以更有自信地說,我就是你的最佳選擇!

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Chinese Instructor
 Langford, Western Australia, Australia

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jun, 2023

I am a native Chinese, I am good at teaching written and spoken Mandarin, I was the winner of the annual university debate competition, and I am good at handling Chinese with a high degree of accuracy. I hope that through this platform I can make more people the ability to speak Mandarin fluently and accurately. I have just started my Mandrian Instructor career, but I have way more than simply confidence and passionate to make people gradually good at Mandarin speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Let's make it happen!

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Chinese Do-NG
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Teacher joined in May, 2022

Born and grew up in Beijing with standard Mandarin, proficient in speaking, reading, listening, and writing Chinese. Good at holding a strong logical teaching idea and making individual learning plans. I have more than 6 years of experience teaching kids and more than 15 years of experience in training adults as being resident and vocational trainer. Working between China and Australia for the past 8 years. I am familiar with the two countries' culture, geography, history, tourism, economy, humanities, etc., which helps communication between students and me.

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Chinese/Mandarin Tutor, Learn Chinese / Mandarin Fast with Phoebe in Perth
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 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Learn Chinese / Mandarin with private classes

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

(ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER 5 PM AND ON WEEKENDS) My name is Phoebe. I come from China, and I am an international postgraduate student at UWA now. I have been in Perth for about 6 years. I have several years' language teaching experience in China for students at a young age. I have the teachers' qualification in China as a primary English teacher and with the certificate of Mandarin of 2A. I finished my diploma in Early Childhood Education in Western Australia 2 years ago and have a valid Working with children card. I also have an advanced diploma in Chinese and English Translation. I love to communicate with others and getting to know different cultures, hoping that I can share my experience with more people who are interested in Chinese culture and inspire their language studying.

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Experienced Chinese Teacher, Learn Chinese with Mila
 Manning, Western Australia, Australia

Private Chinese / Mandarin lessons in Perth

Teacher joined in Nov, 2020

Currently running after-school sessions and teaching Chinese at Nedlands Primary School, I have rich experience in teaching Chinese and organising classes in WA. Awarded the Global Excellence Scholarship by UWA, I'm also doing a master's degree in software engineering. Having a grade of Higher Distinction in several units at UWA, I'm familiar with effective learning techniques and I incorporate these into my teaching, which I believe will benefit your kid in the long term and not just in learning languages. I'm a Chinese Mandarin native speaker with decent pronunciation in both Chinese and English and I also know Cantonese. I have a valid Working with Children Check issued by the Government of Western Australia so feel safe to choose me to teach your kid. - I encourage students to learn and speak Mandarin in my classes. - Patient and encouraging enough for even Grade 1 kids. - I believe interest is the best teacher and I tend to make my classes fun and engaging. As long as we make it fun, your kid will be driven to learn and succeed in language study naturally. Feel free to contact me and discuss the study plan for your kid with me!

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Postgraduate in English/Chinese translation at UWA
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 Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia, Australia

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Apr, 2020

(ONLINE LESSON ONLY) Hi guys, this is Claire. I am currently studying for my postgraduate degree in translation at the University of Western Australia. I have beautiful English accent and mature communication skills. Mandarin is my mother tongue and I got my bachelor degree of Arts in Literature and Journalism in 2011. Charming and thoughtful are the main characteristics of mine. I also had served as an unofficial interpreter in China when running my company. Hence, I believe that I must be the right person you need.

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Mandarin tutor from Taiwan with passion and experience.
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 Warwick, WA

Chinese / Mandarin teacher in Perth near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2019

***ONLINE LESSONS***since 2022 because I am back to Taiwan on 7 March, 2022. I will not raise the price. But each hour lesson will become 50 minutes since April 1, 2024. In order to make lesson reasonable and easy to arrange. I will make each session from 1 hour to 50 minutes. Hi, everyone. I am Jane from Taiwan. I have been an English teacher in high school for 30 years.In 2016, I got the license to teach Mandarin at university and I had many tutoring experiences in Taiwan and Perth. I like traveling and also have the license of a tour guide and tour leader in Taiwan. I have been a freelance tour guide for more than 3 years in middle Taiwan. Come and learn Mandarin from me to share Chinese culture and travel in Taiwan. I live in Taiwan now. Online lessons via Zoom is the best now. I can teach simplified or traditional Chinese. If you can’t accept online lessons, please don’t choose me. P.s. most of my students like online lessons more than face-to-face lessons because it’s convenient and it saves time.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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