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10 Chinese / Mandarin teachers are available for private Chinese / Mandarin lessons in Paris, in-person or online Chinese / Mandarin classes. + Read more TUTOROO now works with 10 private Chinese / Mandarin tutors available for in-person or for online private Chinese / Mandarin classes. You can browse through the teachers profiles below to contact your preferred private tutor. We will introduce you to another private Chinese / Mandarin teacher in the event the tutor you've inquired for is not available or cannot accommodate your needs. Pick your private Chinese / Mandarin teacher and start learning Chinese / Mandarin today! Read less

Certified Chinese teacher with over 5 years experiences
 75014, Paris, France

Private Chinese / Mandarin tutor in Paris

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Greetings! I'm Yinan, an enthusiastic Chinese language tutor currently pursuing my studies at Sciences Po, and I'm here to guide you on a captivating journey into the heart of the Chinese language. With over five years of teaching experience spanning South Korea, China, and Hong Kong, I bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure your learning experience is not only effective but also enjoyable. 📚 Educational Excellence: My academic journey at Sciences Po has equipped me with innovative and effective teaching methodologies. Each lesson is meticulously designed to provide you with a structured and engaging learning experience, incorporating the latest educational insights to ensure optimal language acquisition. 🌏 Cultural Fusion: Having taught in diverse cultural settings, I understand the importance of cultural context in language learning. Whether you're a beginner navigating the basics or a seasoned learner refining your skills, I tailor my courses to suit your unique needs. This approach fosters an inclusive and supportive learning environment that celebrates our diverse backgrounds. 🧒👩‍🦰 All Ages Welcome: Regardless of your age or previous language-learning experiences, my teaching style is adaptable to cater to a wide range of learners. Whether you're introducing your little ones to the wonders of language or embarking on a personal language journey, I ensure that each lesson is tailored to meet your specific requirements, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective. 🎤 Crystal Clear Pronunciation: Effective communication begins with clear pronunciation. I speak standard Chinese without any accent, providing you with an authentic language experience. This linguistic clarity ensures that you develop a strong foundation, enabling you to communicate confidently and accurately in various real-life scenarios. 😊 Engaging, Kind, and Friendly: I believe in creating a positive and encouraging learning environment. My teaching style is characterized by enthusiasm, kindness, and friendliness. I aim to make your language-learning experience not just educational but also enjoyable, fostering a sense of ease and comfort in expressing yourself within the language. 🗣️ Interactive Learning: Learning a language should be an interactive and dynamic experience. In my classes, you won't be a passive observer. Instead, you'll be an active participant, engaging in conversations and activities that enhance your language skills. This interactive approach accelerates your progress towards language mastery effortlessly. 🎯 Your Learning, Your Way: Your goals are at the forefront of our journey together. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your language objectives with ease. Together, we'll design a personalized learning path that aligns with your aspirations and ensures tangible results. Whether you're aiming for conversational fluency, business proficiency, or cultural enrichment, your learning experience is customized to suit your unique goals. Embark on this exciting adventure into the beauty of the Chinese language with me as your dedicated guide. Let's transform learning into a delightful experience that not only unlocks the linguistic treasures of Chinese but also opens doors to a world of cultural richness and diverse connections. Join me, and let the language journey begin! 🚀🇨🇳

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Boost your confidence to speak Chinese / Mandarin_Paris
 Paris, France

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

👌 BOOSTEZ VOTRE CONFIANCE POUR PARLER MANDARIN 👌 _ 你好(Nǐ hǎo) à toi qui lis mon profil. Je m'appelle Shun-Fa, une locutrice native chinoise de Taïwan. Je sais que le chinois peut être difficile pour de nombreux étrangers à apprendre, et je crois que le moyen le plus facile et le plus rapide de l'apprendre est de converser avec un locuteur natif, c'est-à-dire MOI ! Je suis vraiment patiente et j'essaie toujours d'enseigner de manière amusante pour faciliter l'apprentissage et le rendre plus accessible. Je suis ouverte à tous les sujets qui vous intéressent, j'apprécie d'interagir avec les étudiants et je suis toujours heureuse de voir les progrès de mes élèves. Si vous avez besoin d'un tuteur, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. : ) 👉 Plus d'informations sur moi : Facile à vivre, bonne auditrice. J'aime prendre un café ou une bière avec mes amis, cuisiner, regarder des films et voyager ! QUE PUIS-JE OFFRIR? 📙 Expérience dans l'enseignement du chinois aux débutants ou à toute personne de tout niveau. 📙 Prononciation standard du mandarin. 📙 Je peux enseigner la conversation quotidienne, le chinois des affaires selon vos demandes. 📙 Fournir des devoirs en fonction de ce que nous avons appris à chaque session (facultatif). 'ENGLISH' 👌BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE TO SPEAK MANDARIN 👌 _ 你好(Nǐ hǎo) to you who are reading my profile. My name is Shun-Fa, a Chinese native speaker from Taiwan. I know Chinese might be difficult for many foreigners to learn, and I believe the easiest and fastest way to learn it is by having a conversation with the native which is ME! I am really patient and always try to teach in an amusing way to make it easier and more acceptable. Open to any topics that you are interested in, enjoy interacting with students, and am always happy to see the improvement of my students. If you need a tutor, feel free to contact me. : ) 👉 More about me: Easy-going, good listener. Enjoying drinking coffee or beer with my friends, cooking, watching movies, and traveling! WHAT CAN I OFFER? 📙 Experience in teaching Chinese to beginners or anyone with any level. 📙 Standard Mandarin pronunciation 📙 Can teach daily conversation, and business Chinese according to your requests 📙 Provide homework according to what we have learned each time (optional)

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Learn Mandarin with me tailor Chinese course for you
 (1 review)

Chinese / Mandarin course in Paris near you

Teacher joined in May, 2023

hello, I'm a native Chinese speaker & Qualified international Chinese teacher with three years experience in language tutoring. I help my students grasp clearer and better understanding of Chinese pronunciation and grammar. Teach Pinyin & character, work on daily Chinese conversation and your work/study needs. if you want to learn Chinese in a fun way, I'll be your best choice. I will tailor the course and instruction to your situation and learning style. the only thing you need to do is practice and speak out.

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Private Chinese / Mandarin Tutor in Paris and Online

Learn Chinese / Mandarin with private classes

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

Coucou, my name is Sasha, located in Paris. As I'm learning French right now, I experience the barriers when one learns a foreign language which is completely different from your mother tongue. Therefore, I would be more than delighted to help you to overcome these obstacles together in your learning cycles. I'm a native Mandarin speaker and I could also do classes in fluent English and intermediate French. I give classes about Chinese (Mandarin / Shanghainese) in both reading, writing, and speaking. Please, feel free to contact me.

 Tutor available for 4 more students

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Bilingual tutor (English/Chinese)

Private Chinese / Mandarin lessons in Paris

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

I am a native Chinese speaker and a postdoctoral researcher/lecturer in law. With my flexible working hours, I have experience teaching Mandarin to middle school/university students in France. I am fluent in English (C2) and am currently learning French. If you would like to learn about the art of Chinese characters (vocab) + the knack of phrase formation, to sharpen your writing, to speak more confidently, even to think in Chinese, or to get deeper into the cultural context, I am happy to help you with personally tailored training.

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Funny and smart Chinese
 Paris, Île-de-France, France

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jan, 2022

Hello all! My name is Cindy and I am Chinese. I am now working as a project manager in La Défense in the finance area in an international bank. My mother language is Chine mandarin and I can as well speak fluently English and french as they are my working languages😊 I am an optimistic girl with a lot of passion for life and I am funny as well! People comment on me as a smart and kind girl. Don’t hesitate to contact me for the Chinese lessons and I am very happy to teach you from 0 to advanced level! Practice makes perfect and you need a good teacher/friend to start the journey 😊

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Private Chinese Tutor in China and Online

Chinese / Mandarin teacher in Paris near you

Teacher joined in Apr, 2021

(ONLINE LESSON ONLY) Chinese, 36 years old, Female; MA in Sociology, BA in Economics; first poem published in a local newspaper while thirteen; with HR's experiences in MNC ; with Chinese teacher's experiences for a Famous company's employees while pursuing Master's degree. with experiences of learning and getting a certificate of advanced level of a foreign language within a short time. Fluent in Korean, interested in French,history, movie, philosophy, etc. would like to share interesting stories with you in future

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Chinese is easier than you imagined
 Paris 16e Arrondissement, Paris, Île-de-France, France

Learn Chinese / Mandarin with a private course

Teacher joined in Apr, 2021

Hi, I'm Xuyan. I'm currently a Master's student in business in Paris. I'm originally from Shanghai, China. I majored in French language and literature for a 4-year bachelor at Fudan University (Top 3 Uni in China). I had experience in teaching Chinese to French students and also Chinese middle students back in China. Besides, I'm fluent in English (C1) and French (C1). So it enables me to communicate very easily with foreign students. I love traveling and singing. I'd really like to meet you guys. Welcome to learn Chinese together with me! Le chinois, c'est facile.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Learn languages in a fun way
 Paris, Île-de-France, France

Private Chinese / Mandarin classes in Paris

Teacher joined in Nov, 2020

I just graduated from university and doing my Master's internship in the Finance field. I am fluent in Chinese/Mandarin, English, French and Turkish. I also have basic knowledge of Russian, Polish and Arabic. I was growing up in a very multicultural environment and really enjoy sharing different experiences. I am open-minded, respectful, dynamic, organized, patient and very tolerant. I would love to teach you the languages in a very funny way, far from textbooks and boring grammar. But first, we should learn the vocabulary by flashcards and within dialogues. I believe that learning a language is all about learning how to use a vocab. Then use the vocabs to communicate, write, and most importantly get used to thinking in that language. In short, feel free to contact me to savor diverse languages, cultures and values.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Mandarin Chinese Teacher
 Bourg La Reine

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with private lessons

Teacher joined in Feb, 2018

Graduate from BA Language et Literature Studies and MBA with tutor experience. I can help the students to improve their Mandarin Chinese level in listening, reading, speaking and writing. Course will be designed personally, business chinese, certificat, etc.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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