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 Valencia City Hall, Brgy. Poblacion, Valencia, Bukidnon 8709, Philippines

Private Chinese / Mandarin tutor in Manila

Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

Experience is better than expectation. Since Bric summit, china is very in demand now a days where in language of it is a must to learn to coup up the fast rate of daily living. Therefore, learning Chinese language is a must now a day that you will not be regret if you learn more about. Let's take advantage of the success situation. You will not regret under my teaching technique. Thus, learning additional language is more fun and advantageous to everybody. So what are you waiting for. Hurry reach me up now. Thank you and good day.

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Learn Basic Mandarin with Teacher April
 (1 review)
 Mandaluyong, Philippines

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

Learn the basic Mandarin used in every Chinese class and learn how to pronounce the right tone. Every lesson will be about the basic things in life and how you create sentences and write correctly. In writing a sentence, there are things you need to consider such as the words that you are using and the correct way of saying it. With every Chinese expert, we really need to begin with the basic level to improve more and more. So join my class every week and don't miss it for important lessons used

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Learn Mandarin (Conversational, HSK, IB Chinese, IGCSE,SAT2)
 (2 reviews)
 near Manila City Hall

Chinese / Mandarin course in Manila near you

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

Hi guys, I'm Wilson Chua, a Chinese-born teacher residing in the Philippines. I have been teaching full-time for the past 18 years either one on one or with small groups. I have taught Mandarin (Chinese) and Hokkien to kids who are as young as 5 years old and the young at heart who are in their 60s. As someone who can also speak Filipino, English, and a bit of Korean, students who also know one or more of these languages have a big advantage when I teach them. I can be able to relate specific similarities between these languages and Mandarin, thus allowing the student to have a better grasp and 'feel' of Mandarin. My teaching methods include practical conversation, topic-oriented discussion, and explaining grammar patterns and structures, among others. I also design personalized exercises to target weak areas of the student. The way I make students improve is tailor-suited to different age groups, proficiency levels, and the purpose of learning Mandarin. My approach to sharing my knowledge varies depending on the personality, requirements, and priorities of the students. For academics, I help kids attain the level of proficiency required for regular Chinese classes, as well as specialized courses and exams such as IB Chinese, AP Chinese, GCSE, HSK level 1-6, and SAT 2 Chinese. I also help students and professionals learn the language either for fun and interest or for business needs and self-improvement. For those looking for a well-rounded Mandarin teacher, feel free to reach out, and see how our lessons will go. Scheduling is flexible and we can conduct online lessons with the platform of your choice (Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc). I can assure you that our lessons will not be boring sessions of endless lectures. We can share interesting topics and incorporate them into your journey of learning Mandarin. After all, learning Mandarin is supposed to be fun!

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Basic Chinese Language Tutor
 (33 reviews)
 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Learn Chinese / Mandarin with private classes

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) PLEASE read my profile, SCHEDULE with me FIRST before paying. If I don't reply immediately, that would mean I'm inflight. I am full Chinese though born and raised in the Philippines (3rd generation). I studied in a Filipino-Chinese school, so I also speak fluent Tagalog and English. I was a Chinese Mandarin language tutor during my undergraduate years, and I also graduated with a minor in the language. Since graduating college, I've been working as a flight attendant and inflight Chinese interpreter for our flag carrier. So please take note that the schedule for our lessons will be based on my DAYS OFF (flight schedule is given monthly). I started teaching online as a part time job during the height of the pandemic. I mostly handle students with no background in the language. Please note that I no longer teach Business Chinese, and simply concentrate on the basic levels. Online lessons are done through zoom. FB: Samantha Yu (same photo) - message me there for a faster response, schedule/availability, inquiry of hourly rates, or any needed clarifications. Extra: If you have zero background, don't worry! If you speak Tagalog, we're off to a good start! You'll be surprise how much easier it is to understand grammar from Tagalog to Chinese than it is from English to Chinese.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Native speaker Chinese tutor
 (8 reviews)
 Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Private Chinese / Mandarin lessons in Manila

Teacher joined in Mar, 2021

Hi. ❤️My name is Hansen. I have been in the Philippines for 5 years🙂. I am a native speaker of Mandarin. 😍 And English speaker. I'm sure you have fun when we have class💪 For 6 years old. I'd start learning English. I have taught 5 students about English. 20 more person Chinese. most of them are Filipino. So, it's the best way to Study with me. Choose me is a better choice to improve you Chinese! Welcome to join us❤️

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Learn Chinese thru conversations
 (2 reviews)
 Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Oct, 2020

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) I am a pure Chinese living in Manila, I can speak Mandarin, Fookien, Tagalog, and English. I have experience in teaching Chinese in Chinese schools and tutoring children and adults. Learn new Chinese characters and sentences with current events and daily activities. I prepare PowerPoint slideshows with pictures and explanations to help guide you on new characters. Pronunciation is very important in Chinese, I can guide you to pronounce correctly. I can teach children and adults. Chinese is easy to learn, use it every day to become proficient.

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Experience Mandarin Teacher Peter
 (13 reviews)
 Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

Chinese / Mandarin teacher in Manila near you

Teacher joined in Jul, 2020

(ONLINE LESSON ONLY) Hi, everyone, my name is Peter, I'm from China and I'm fluent in English, also hold a certificate for teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language, welcome everyone to learn Mandarin with me, thank you!

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Learn Chinese / Mandarin online or offline with the best private Chinese / Mandarin tutors. Private Chinese / Mandarin lessons will be held by TUTOROO tutors directly and custom-made for your private learning needs. Learn Chinese / Mandarin effectively with the help of a native speaking Chinese / Mandarin tutor. Have fun learning a new language!

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