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A Taiwanese girl who loves sharing her mother language.

Private Chinese / Mandarin tutor in Luxembourg

Teacher joined in May, 2023

Hello, I am Siangru Yang, easier to remember my name, you could just call me Yang. I am from Taiwan and a native Mandarin speaker who currently lives in a city that is close to Luxembourg. I was born and raised in Taiwan till mid-20th. I speak English and French( French is in progress) I would love to practice with you in Mandarine and possibly also in Taiwanese if you are interested. My way of tutoring will be close to the real daily conversation that we are using and at the same time would share Taiwanese culture.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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TV News Planner
 23 Rue Chimay

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jul, 2022

你好(Nǐ hǎo) ! You can also call me Vita. 👉About me: Easy-going, Enjoying drinking coffee or beer with friends, cooking, watching films, and traveling! Now stay here as a working holiday. 🗣Experience: -Worked in TV News Industry at Taiwan for five years, profession experience in Internet Slangs, News reading and pronunciation, content writing. -Tutoring experience from Taiwanese elementary to high school students about 7 years, so I would be very patient on any level. WHAT CAN I OFFER? 📙We can just chat at a topic and learn from it in the class, from weather. financial news or politico issues. 📙Or discuss which way or topics you would be interested in Chinese, then we could adjust the class personally and practice together. 📙 Can teach daily conversation, business or specific profession area according to your requests. 📙 Provide homework /vocabularies according to what we have learned each time .(optional) 📙If you’d like, I can teach in whole Chinese or I can explain in English.

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Chinese coacher
 Bertrange, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Teacher joined in Dec, 2021

Native Chinese speaker Passion to show you the fantastic elements in Chinese culture Keep you updated the most daily fresh Chinese Lead you to the path of refreshing your Chinese independently As an instructor in the Learning & Development team in multi national companies over 9 years, I have abundant experiences for the coaching. I have been in Luxembourg for more than 10 years with the full understanding the cross cultures between the east and the west. 10 years of experiences on teaching kids in Chinese and organizing the workshops to introduce Chinese cultures.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Experienced chinese teacher(using english or german)
 Hesperange, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Learn Chinese / Mandarin with private classes

Teacher joined in Sep, 2021

I used to be a German teacher on the new oriental“ the biggest education group in China, and holding online e-course for Ominar language school. Except that, I worked as translator between Chinese and German for refugee camp. So I can help the learner to set up a customized and appropriate goals and transfer the language learning philosophy and useful tips. By teaching I prefer to let the student soap in a authentic scenario and a active thinking process rather than passively receiving the knowledge. I am working otherwise full-time as a software engineer at La post. Hope can help you to achieve your language ambition!

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Daniel, Learn Chinese / Mandarin Fast with Xufeng in Luxembourg
 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Private Chinese / Mandarin lessons in Luxembourg

Teacher joined in Sep, 2021

I am Daniel living in Luxembourg for the past 2 years proficient in Chinese and English. Currently, I graduated from the Sacred Heart University of Luxembourg with my master's degree. If anyone is interested to learn Chinese, please don't hesitate to connect with me. Age no bar. Recently, I teach someone to speak Chinese in Luxembourg, we read Chinese books and download the application to learn Chinese. If the student speaks incorrectly, I will help him to rearrange the sentence. We have a lot of fun when talking with each other in Chinese.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Mandarin for children and adults
 Rue des Aubpines

Improve your Chinese / Mandarin with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Aug, 2021

Experienced Mandarin tutor (3+ years) for secondary school students and adults Individual learning plans to suit student’s needs: General Mandarin (writing/speaking/reading/grammar) Spoken language (e.g. for Business trips/tourism) HSK exam preparation (levels 1-4) Beginners welcome About me: 2 years of studying and working experience in Beijing (Beijing Language and Culture University) Honors degree in Mandarin from Regents University London Lessons can be arranged in person or online. Let's learn! ;)

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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Learn Chinese with private classes

Chinese / Mandarin teacher in Luxembourg near you

Teacher joined in Aug, 2021

I’m Jinlei from China, I have lived in China for over 20 years. I got my Chinese teaching license two years ago and I have the passion to give others a good language learning experience. In my class, I would show you how to start a simple conversation with a native speaker and let you expose yourself to Chinese culture, catchphrases, and many useful expressions in daily life. Of course, all courses are tailored. I am a business student majoring in finance too, so if you have the interest, we can discuss related topics in Chinese during the class too;) Let's master Chinese and make progress together!

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Native Mandarin/Cantonese Speaker who is Passionate to Teach
 Hong Kong SAR China

Learn Chinese / Mandarin with a private course

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

大家好,我是蘇菲~ dà jiā hǎo,wǒ shì sū fēi~ Hi everyone! I’m Sophie~ Are you familiar with these? :) I was born in Hong Kong and now staying in Luxembourg for my bachelor's. I had my whole teenage years speaking Mandarin and Cantonese, therefore I could definitely help you to be able to communicate in a most native way! I was a private tutor of language, so, no matter what level you are at, I got the skills and resources to help you learn faster! I am learning new languages as well, that’s why I know all the difficulties you had/will face! Don’t worry, I’m here with you! Let’s do this together!

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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