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Private Chinese / Mandarin tutor in Chicago

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

Hi, I am Kirstin , I come from China, As a 2-3 years experienced teacher, if you want to know more about China. please contact with me. 1. You may heard that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn. Especially the four tones, but don’t worry , I will make Chinese learning easier for you, I will help you build confidence of learning Chinese. 2. I will customize a lesson plan for you and I will always make sure all of your questions will be answered. 3. My teaching style is easy to follow, I have a great sense of humor and make you feel comfortable even when you make mistake. I am patient enough. You can interrupt at any time to ask a question, I can respond quickly to your requests to emphasize certain parts of the subject matters, such as pronunciation 4. I will not only teach you new words and structures, but also help you use them in real Chinese conversation. I will always give you many examples to show the explanations. Ok, I will offer a free lesson to show how the tutoring works, don’t take my words, just give it a shot, I look forward to seeing you in my class.thanks.

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Passionate Educator with Advanced Chinese Language Skills
 Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Instructional Technology. My background was in journalism and communications and I have a total of more than 10 years of experience in those fields. I had 12 years of formal elementary and high school education in Chinese medium schools where Mandarin was the dominant language of instruction for most subjects. Due to my strengths in languages, I have represented my class in English, Malay, and Chinese in my high-school essay writing competitions, and won several awards over the years. I also have a basic understanding of Japanese and an intermediate knowledge of Korean. As someone who has been learning or has taken lessons in multiple languages and dialects, I would say that Chinese/Mandarin is the easiest to learn if you start as young as possible because you'll be less afraid to make mistakes. However, adults can master the language easily as well by having a teachable mindset, determination, and willingness to work hard and practice to achieve their best potential in language learning. There is no time limit for mastering the language as it is a lifelong learning process, I am still learning myself because languages do evolve over time. Having open communication with the tutor or mentor and following through with homework/assignments will bring tremendous benefits to the language learning process.

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Chinese online tutor
 Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Teacher joined in Jun, 2023

(ONLINE LESSON) Hello, everyone. I am Miss Li, an experienced Chinese teacher. I used to teach in Cambodia for 5 years and I have online tutoring during the pandemic. During my years of teaching, I have learned that students should be taught in line with their abilities and have fun during the process. Whether you are a child or an adult, you can study with me in a relaxed, casual learning environment that will get you to speak practical, everyday Chinese in no time. If you think that we’d make a good fit, I’d love to see you in class. Goodbye!

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I am a popular Chinese teacher
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 Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Teacher joined in Aug, 2021

(ONLINE LESSON) 🌹🙋Hello !Nice to meet you! My name is Kate Lin. I am a Chinese, my native language is Mandarin, I also speak English, Cantonese and Vietnamese. I am also an online Chinese teacher. My student group includes children and adults from the US, UK, Korea and Vietnam and so on. I have a rich and varied language teaching method, so that you can learn Chinese easily and happily. 👉Teaching Qualifications: ☀️. I have graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in China with a bachelor's degree. ☀️. Has obtained the nationally recognized Mandarin Class A and B certificates. ☀️. National Primary School Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate. ☀️. National Public English Level 3 Oral Examination Certificate. 👉Teaching experience: I have more than 6 years of online Chinese teaching experience. I can teach students of all ages. Listening, speaking, reading and writing courses are available in all areas. I am an expert in exam skills. For those students who want to pass the test, I can provide a lot of help, such as HSK test, YCT test, Mandarin test ,IBDP、GCSE、AP、A-level Chinese test and so on. 👉Courses offered: ✍Children's Chinese: suitable for children or teenagers. I arrange the course according to the content of the textbook, YCT course. ✍Standard HSK Chinese Course: suitable for students who have enough time and have a long-term study plan for Chinese learning or need to take the HSK test. The content covers all aspects of Chinese, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. It also includes a full set of workbooks and listening materials. ✍Business Chinese: suitable for beginner to advanced students who need to use Chinese at work, or want to start a business in China or cooperate with Chinese companies. The content includes more vocabulary, topics and business culture knowledge. ✍ Spoken Chinese: Suitable for beginners to advanced students who want to improve their speaking and communication skills in a short period of time. The content focuses more on speaking and dialogue practice. ✍Travel Chinese: Suitable for beginners who plan to travel to China, who want to know basic communication sentences based on travel topics, such as greetings, currency exchange, car rental, asking for directions, etc. We will use specialized textbooks and workbooks to improve your Chinese in a short period of time. ✍IBDP, IGCSE, AP and A-level Chinese test tutoring. 👉Teaching Approach : Teacher Kate will carefully prepare customized teaching materials, diversified teaching resources, and formulate different learning methods for students of different ages and personalities, accurately and efficiently give learning help, treat each student with heart, and complete teaching conscientiously and responsibly combined with interesting one-on-one interactive games . Kate's teaching features Rich teaching experience and methods with interesting and practical teaching software, coupled with Kate's professionalism, patience and sense of responsibility, you will definitely gain a lot and make a lot of progress. 👉Experience class: Understand the basic situation and learning needs of the students 🍭 Develop exclusive courses according to the students' Mandarin level, learning goals, interests, etc. Teacher will get to know each other and the students, so that the students can understand the teacher's teaching method Please trust me, choose me and I will do my best to help you achieve your learning goals! 💪🏄🏻✨ Come on, what are you waiting for! hurry up!

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