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My name is Kenneth. I was based in Singapore for 15 years working as a behavior therapist for children with special needs. I recently relocated to Thailand where I work as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator in an international school here. I hold a degree in Psychology, a professional teacher's license, a diploma in TESOL, and a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. I am into photography. I like exploring so traveling is one of the things that I really enjoy the most. I consider myself a lover of the outdoors as I always prefer going for a run or a hike over going to the mall. I would very much love to teach you guys and have a passion for sharing if ever you decide to book a session with me.

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The most difficult part in learning a foreign language is the practice, which can be acquired only by conversing with a native speaker. For people willing to practice foreign languages, it is difficult to find a private language tutor who lives or works in their city. TUTOROO has been designed to provide a frictionless experience while connecting tutors to students, for private in-person language lessons.

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