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 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Private Bengali tutor in Stockholm

Teacher joined in Mar, 2022

I am Mahammuda Akter. I come from Bangladesh in Sweden. I have completed a Master's in Accounting in Bangladesh. I have 6 years of experience teaching in Bangladesh as a primary school. Now I live in Stockholm city. I am studying at SFI. Side by side I am looking job. I think teaching is my best job. Bengali is not an easy language but I will be made to learn quickly with an easy lesson. Minimum 6 months it's will be learned in Bengali. Bengali is so much interesting subject. So I will try my best.

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Learn Bangla from a native Bangladeshi

Improve your Bengali with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Feb, 2022

I speak Bangla without any regional accent and can help you learn modern Bangla. I always received A+ in the Bangla language and have some teaching experience. I am fluent in English, a little bit Arabic and Swedish too and we can use English to communicate. I will divide our classes into four segments: reading, writing, listening, and speaking depending on your proficiency. Do reach out so we can evaluate your need and make a plan. I believe it is easy to learn any language if you work on it, and Bangla being a sweet one should stand out!

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Guaranteed fast Bengali learning within months
 Luleå, Norrbottens län, Sweden

Bengali course in Stockholm near you

Teacher joined in Mar, 2021

I am an international master's student in Sweden. I can teach Bengali to you and I will use English as the medium. I like to teach people and I have experience teaching people and I am sure that I can teach you well. I have a mechanical engineering degree from Bangladesh and I am doing a master's in maintenance engineering here. You can contact me via [email protected] or reach me at +460761506315. My Whatsapp number: +8801927564149. I am an honest and motivated person who can teach you well .

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Private Bengali Tutor in Stockholm
 Brantingsgatan 34

Learn Bengali with private classes

Teacher joined in Jan, 2021

Hello, I came to Sweden 3 years ago from Kolkata, India. I am a native Bengali speaker. I have bachelor degree from Calcutta University and master degree from Rabindrabharati University, Kolkata, India and I taught Bengali language before shifting to Stockholm. Beside Bengali, I can also speak English and Hindi. I am a social, happy, positive and friendly person who is fully committed to her work and I am an enthusiastic, responsible, hard-working and self-directed person. I am provide face to face tuition and online as well. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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Want to Learn Bengali or Bangla
 Eklundshovsvägen 1A

Private Bengali lessons in Stockholm

Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

I am a Medical Microbiologist and currently working in a Swedish Hospital. I can speak 3 languages; Bengali, Swedish, and English. I am very good in Bengali and I can teach you both writing and speaking. Bengali is the number of 7th speaking the language in the world. If you learn Bengali you will understand 70 percent of Hindi and Urdu language. Bengali is very easy to learn and in 1 month you will learn very good I promise.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Learn one of the too 10 most spoken languages in the world
 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Improve your Bengali with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jun, 2020

I am looking forward to have friendly teaching sessions with you all. Currently working in Stockholm and very sociable as a person. I am keen to know people are are interested in learning new languages. However, It is not The easiest language ever. But indeed the sweetest language. I am sure you will have a decent experience with good time while learning from me in am intuitive way. Maybe two cents about my experience. I used to teach Bengali literature to young kids back in 2012 in an international school

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 Märsta, Stockholm, Sweden

Bengali teacher in Stockholm near you

Teacher joined in Apr, 2020

With due respect I would like to mention that, I am a student of University of Gothenburg in Master of Science in International Business and Trade. I live in Märsta. Every time TUTOROO matches you with a new student who wants to learn your mother tongue, we charge the first 2 week lessons you will be giving (from 2 to 4 lessons), then the students become fully yours and you get paid cash in full from them directly. If the student does not choose to continue after the second week, we will pay you half the tuition fees.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Bengali & English Teaching Expert
 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Learn Bengali with a private course

Teacher joined in Mar, 2020

Teaching is what I love and I can continue doing all my life. I used to teach web design for last 5 years, I am passionate about languages specially english and benhali. I do my preparations before aproaching to teach someone, I make it fun learning languages, while effective.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Magic Language Teacher - English, Bengali,Hindi,Urdu
 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Private Bengali classes in Stockholm

Teacher joined in Oct, 2019

Hello, I came to Sweden from Bangladesh after graduating with a 4 years Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from North South University. In Bangladesh, I worked as a full-time secondary school science Faculty Member in an English medium school named Unity International School. Now, I live in Upplands Väsby. Previously, I worked as a part-time cleaner in a cleaning company named Rengörare Näslund. Previously, I also worked as a waiter in the Uppsala student nation. I have strong communication skills, organizational and leadership skills, knowledge of the latest technology and computer skills and some training and performance skills that I have gained from my work experience and my educational background. I speak fluent English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and speak basic Swedish. I am a flexible, energetic and responsive person with a good physique. I am a social, happy, positive and friendly person who is fully committed to his work and I am an enthusiastic, responsible, hard-working and self-directed person. I always try to do something with a lot of perfection and concentration. I am reliable, knowledgeable and professional. I am applying here because I have teaching experience and I think I will be able to do this job professionally. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.

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English Language Instructor. Native Bengali speaker
 Uppsala, Uppsala län, Sweden

Improve your Bengali with private lessons

Teacher joined in Aug, 2019

Learning a language is always fun and let’s not make it otherwise.

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