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You are at the right place habibi 😎❤️
 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Private Arabic tutor in Saint Petersburg

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

Hello everyone! My name is Ali from Syria , I'm a native Arabic speaker who can speak and teach both formal (academic) and dialect Arabic, so you can make sure that we will build a very solid base and people will understand you while you speak no matter what their dialect is 😎. You should take for granted that we will not have any communication troubles as long as you speak a little bit of English or Russian ✔️✔️ . Our lessons, according to the plan are going to be efficient, friendly, and entertaining so don't worry it will not be so hard😁. Finally, I would like to say that I'm glad to teach people about my language and culture from all around the world you are all welcome here ❤️.

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 Murmansk, Murmansk, Russia

Improve your Arabic with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

Learning Arabic with me is gonna be easier as it's my native language and also because I'm an English teacher, so for those who speak English even a bit, it will be interesting. Moreover, I speak Russian well. Ready for the class?!  I've been living in Russia for 3 years, working as an English teacher and right now I'm very excited to be an Arabic teacher. I have a lot of experience in teaching languages. - You will see the improvement only after the first three months. - We will focus on the accent by having a lot of conversations.

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Come to know Arabic
 Saint peterburg

Arabic course in Saint Petersburg near you

Teacher joined in Aug, 2022

My name is Khaled 31, I am from Syria, I speak English and Arabic and Russian language. I am living in saint Petersburg i will be happy if i will be If i will be member in our group. I finished my studying in Syria and worked in Saudi Arabia for 5 years and in saint Petersburg I already finished master degree , i will teach Arabic language in a simple way. Now many people speaking Arabic language try to learn it it will open to your new filed for job for life for meeting interesting people trust me

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Lets learn discover arabic ,be the leader
 Saint Petersburg

Learn Arabic with private classes

Teacher joined in Aug, 2022

Student supervisor Entertainers of adults and children , using pedagogical games,using entertaining tools like games in the personal development in the level of leadership and teamwork, social communication Postivie thinking and effective problems resolving Summer clubs and organazing events: sports cultural, camping, trips, Ex scout leader , Human development coach : member in the federation of certified coaches , Arabic public speaking ,and poetry writing, ex-radio host with international diplomas

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Learn Arabic in one month
 Проспект Энгельса 63 к1

Private Arabic lessons in Saint Petersburg

Teacher joined in Dec, 2021

Hello everybody I am a fluent Arabic speaker Also i can speak English if you want me to help you in English language I was born in Egypt but I’m living in Saint Petersburg currently The lesson will be so helpful we will start from the very beginning till we reach the fluency so fast Arabic language is not that difficult do not worry everything will be clear one by one You call or text me to schedule a Lesson Good luck for you all and i will be so grateful if you chose me to teach you Arabic

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Experienced Arabic teacher
 Avenue Toreza 39, Building 2

Improve your Arabic with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

I am a qualified online Arabic teacher. I have more than five years of experience in teaching Arabic. I have heard that most of the people are saying that learning Arabic is so hard. But I'm sure when you join to my classes, you will see how easy it is with my teaching methods. Also I am sure that my classes won't be boring for my students and they will learn to speak and write in Arabic within short period of time. Because I use lots of interesting teaching methods in my classes. Also my classes are based on lots of practical. I prefer teaching online and currently I'm conducting online Arabic classes.

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Arabic (Egyptian dialect) teacher
 Saint Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург, Russia

Arabic teacher in Saint Petersburg near you

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

Hello! My name is Jielan and I am an Arabic & English teacher. I come to you from the hot desert of Arabia: the land of dates and camels. Raised bilingual, I always dreamt of learning a third language. At the age of 17, after years and years of waiting, I finally decided to travel across the globe to start my medical education. Russia sounded like an amazing opportunity for me to experience the world from a totally different perspective. I saw snow for the first time, made friends from all walks of life, began learning Russian, started my medical education, and, best of all, got to eat ice cream while it was snowing! Getting my first job ever as an English teacher was a dream come true, it helped me create a rich learning environment where we exchanged knowledge, culture, history, etc. And after some time, I even started a debating club, where we got to improve our critical thinking, speaking skills, body language, and most importantly master the art of agreeing to disagree. So to summarize, I’m an ice cream addict, travel-loving introvert that had her life changed upside down by an educational trip. It also taught me that learning always begins outside of my comfort zone, so don’t worry and start exploring.

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