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 Moscow, Russia

Private Arabic tutor in Moscow

Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

Меня зовут Натали, но вы меня можете звать Нат.Я все жизнь жила в Ливане, и владею арабским и английским в совершенстве.Научу говорить на литературном языке ,и на Ливанском диалекте. Вы сможете в течение короткого времени научиться читать, писать и понимать по арабский. Если в день будете уделять 30 минут ,то то в течение 30 дней сможете уже потихонечку справляться с языком. Смотреть арабские фильмы, слушать арабскую музык,и практиковать язык с носителем будет плюсом для быстрого изучение языка.

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Improve your Arabic with me .
 Moscow, Russia

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2023

Hello My name is Karim from Egypt. I live in Moscow to Study. I can teach you Arabic and help you to practice and improve the Arabic language. I am flexible about the time. Is Arabic difficult? Yes, but it is not impossible. you have to know that the Arabic language is like all languages just need time and study well. The easiest way to learn Arabic? do not hurry up. and to be patient and take it slowly because the Arabic language is not easy, on the other side too many foreign people can speak Arabic without study off course practice it is the reason.

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Learning Egyptian Teaching to speak the original Arabic lang
 60-letiya Oktyabrya Avenue

Arabic course in Moscow near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2022

Hello all My name is Salma from Egypt, currently residing in Moscow to study I am here to study the Russian language and to teach you the Arabic language Is Arabic difficult? Yes, it is one of the most difficult languages in the world, but it is not impossible The easiest way to learn Arabic? Practice and speak a lot The grammar of the Arabic language is difficult even for its native speakers, so the best way to learn is to learn to speak The Arabic language needs time and patience because the letters’ exits are different and a few strange The Arabic language will make you able to communicate with 25 Arabic-speaking countries

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Private conversational English tutor
 Горная 11

Learn Arabic with private classes

Teacher joined in Jun, 2022

(Online lessons only) Hello, I am Ahmed from Egypt. I am bilingual, I speak Arabic and English fluently. I am a medical student who works part-time as an Arabic-English translator in the Egyptian embassy in Russia. I have been teaching English part-time for the last 3 years. I understand how frustrating it can be when you are unable to communicate easily, I can lend you a helping hand and we can rise together with fun and enjoyment as you learn to speak English with me. We can interact with fun-filled activities and conversations building on what you know already and making our way higher together. I can say from past experiences that English is not difficult to learn and speak fluently as it is a beautiful and engaging language! I’m looking forward to working with you!

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 Saudi Arabia
 Moscow, Москва, Russia

Private Arabic lessons in Moscow

Teacher joined in Dec, 2021

(OFFLINE & ONLINE LESSONS) I’m a medical student living in Moscow due to my studies. I’m in my 4th year currently. I speak fluent English with a band of 7 in the IELTS at the age of 16. I learned English since childhood from Australia. I have a practice Tofel test done at the age of 18 with a grade of 607 at my university back home. I speak Arabic as a fluent speaker with many certificates from my home country. I’m a top student graduate. I’m 21 years old. I’m currently trying to learn the Russian language as my 3rd spoken language.

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Marhaba, I am Yahia an Egyptian, I live in Moscow
 Teverskya metro station,

Improve your Arabic with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Oct, 2021

Hello everyone, as you know it's Yahia (Яхья) whatever I didn't like how my name was named in Russian at first but after I studied the Russian culture I used to even call myself Yakhia;) I have been studying the Arabic Language for more than 5 Years I also speak different languages like Italian by studying it as well also English as it is known, we can also mix our lessons with different words of other languages if it will be relaxed for my students, with me Everything is easy and possible with a knowledge!

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