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second language second person and whole lot of opportunities
 Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey

Private Arabic tutor in Istanbul

Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

I know English and Turkish languages so we can communicate easily ben Türkçe ve İngilizce biliyorum kolayca anlaşabiliriz. So i have no problem teaching in both languages so it depends on what language is better for you and i am very energetic person eager for teaching and i am 29 years old teaching foreigners Arabic language and taught English also to turkish students so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me and i will be happy to answer i am a very patience person so don't worry i will keep repeating until you can do it. I love kids also they bring joy to my heart. my methods in teaching are fun challenging boost up your memory hope you enjoy them while we take lesson.

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Learn Arabic Lesson with Wassim
 Istanbul, Türkiye

Improve your Arabic with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

Arabic teacher with 12 years of experience, I offord books pdf version and paper version. The courses will be divided into 5 levels starting from A0 to A4 and there are courses for adults as well as for children between 5 and 12 years old. Also, my role is to create a supportive and motivating learning environment that encourages students to actively engage with the language and stay motivated to improve their Arabic skills, and personalized assistance and guidance to address students' specific learning needs, challenges, and goals.

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 Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Türkiye

Arabic course in Istanbul near you

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Fluent in Arabic, French, and English with an A in English first language, I am a certified translator and versatile educator currently pursuing a degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Beyond my linguistic and scientific proficiency, my global perspective, enriched by living in various countries, creates inclusive learning environments. As an avid book lover, I integrate literature into my teaching, fostering creativity and storytelling. Additionally, my passion for painting influences a dynamic teaching style, incorporating visual aids for a vibrant and engaging educational experience. Let's transform education together with a blend of language proficiency, scientific insight, and a touch of creativity.

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Mrs Dina Mazloum
 Istanbul, Türkiye

Learn Arabic with private classes

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

(Only Available for Online Lessons) I am 25 years old. I am Lebanese and my native language is Arabic. I have teaching experience. I taught children of 5 years and old people 50+. My Arabic program will be a piece of cake for all students. The lessons will be so easy and we will start with the basics the student will have some quizzes to make sure that all the ideas and all the information are understood. Arabic is a very good language to know. It is not easy but I have a very good way and skills in teaching Arabic lessons

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Simple and Easy Levantine Arabic
 Palestinian Territories

Private Arabic lessons in Istanbul

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

(Only Available for Online Lessons) Marhaba, I started teaching Levantine Arabic in 2020 via Skype and shared Google Docs. My sessions and my curriculum require between one hour and 90 mins per session. I mainly focus on conversation and daily communication so that the speaker establishes a good base for speaking and listening after a few weeks with me. Throughout the sessions, we focus on topics that are of interest to the speaker and I found that this helps the speaker receive the session faster and easier. It's very important to have an open mind to the language and approach it with positivity.

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I'm a native Arabic speaker from Iraq. I can teach you Iraqi
 Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

Improve your Arabic with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jun, 2021

I'm Yasir 23 from Iraq. I study software engineering at Altinbaş university here in Istanbul. I know traditional Arabic and the Iraqi dialect, So I can teach you both(+ I can understand and speak most other Arab countries dialects). I enjoy hanging out near nature, beaches, and parks. I also enjoy using bicycles. I know English, so we can communicate in English. We may exchange cultures as well and not just languages. I'm happy to help you with any technical problem I can as well. I'm looking forward to chat with you! :)

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Arabic teacher, Learn Arabic Fast with Bayan in Istanbul
 İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey

Arabic teacher in Istanbul near you

Teacher joined in Apr, 2021

*ONLINE LESSONS ONLY* I'm Bayan, I am Jordanian, currently residing in Turkey. I am a mother of three children. I worked in Jordan as an Arabic language teacher for native and non-native speakers.I taught Standard Arabic and Jordanian colloquial lessons directly, and also online via Skype. I love my language,i love my job, which is teaching, and I love learning other languages ​​and getting to know different cultures. We can study on line,and I can give you allot of methods, videos, and work cheetś to be better in Arabic.

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The cultures of the orient... all in one place
 Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey

Learn Arabic with a private course

Teacher joined in Jan, 2021

I am a student in Istanbul University who have indulged himself into many speaking program activities and private language tutoring. I make it friendly and fun to speak the language away from any fears of making mistakes. Never hesitate to ask, I'm here to help. :) Arabic is not a hard language after you get the pronunciation and letters (which needs little effort). Other than that, Arabic language may be comparatively easier than many world languages, actually. You may need 1-2 years to speak Arabic relatively fluent.

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Let me Help you to speak Arabic in no time
 Tahtakale Mahallesi, İstanbul, Turkey

Private Arabic classes in Istanbul

Teacher joined in Apr, 2020

(Only available for Online Lessons) with vast experience of teaching Arabic, more than 5 years. I bring all my knowledge to help you to achieve your goals in the best practice means. I know the best approach to teaching. I know the basics of teaching and we will be using courses to shorten the time for you to learn the language. I can help you to learn from alphabets to very advanced levels. we will set the learning goals, learn the right words, and study smart. all of these to teach you the language in a very short period. you want to speak Arabic in a very short time, then I'm the teacher that you need.

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Arabic language tutor, Learn Arabic Fast with Abderrahmene in Istanbul
 Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey

Improve your Arabic with private lessons

Teacher joined in Feb, 2020

I'm a teacher for 7 years, I can deal with anybody where ever his gender his culture in his region... I can speak 4 languages French Arabic English Turkish and I'm amateur in German and Chinese. If you want to learn fast and good I'm the one.

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This is Alaa
 Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey

Arabic tutor in Istanbul near you

Teacher joined in Dec, 2019

I’m Alaa living in Istanbul since 7 years , I can speak Arabic English and Turkish Fluently. I am interested to teach languages. I can teach Turkish english as a well. actualy I am working in the medical sector but as I said before languges is my interesting hobby to know the people and express myself in every languge separetly. by the way am learning russian and german nowadays and finished A1 leven in both of them. arabic is difficult languge but with time can learn easily. if any one can learn arabic and make exchange with german and russian with all my pleasure.

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Hello! let's enjoy learning English in Istanbul!
 (1 review)
 Bağcılar, Istanbul, Turkey

Learn Arabic with a private teacher

Teacher joined in Aug, 2019

Hello there! Are you looking for an English teacher? Voila!! Here I am :) It's so easy to learn English with me, I can make this language fun and easy to learn! English is my second language, and I have faced many struggles trying to keep up with this language at a professional level, therefore I know exactly the process that you are going through. believe me English is not a complicated language it's very basic and easy, it just needs hard work and commitment. You need to know the basics to have classes with me, as I do not speak Turkish, and definitely, that's a plus, cause we will have to speak English the whole time which will boost my ability to speak faster, however, my mother tongue is Arabic, so if you are Arab or you have the basics in English we can work together to improve your language skills. I have been working with different NGOs worldwide with my language skills, English adds a lot to your life and experiences. let's start your first lesson with me! Looking forward to meeting you :)

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