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Prof and translator Arabic language and literature
 Bruxelles, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgique

Private Arabic tutor in Bruxelles

Teacher joined in Jan, 2020

My name is Alan and I am from Croatia and I'm a teacher and translator also I work in tourism. I teach the Arabic language in Brussels. I was growing in Croatia Jordan a d Switzerland. In the last couple of years, I live in Belgium Brussels. I studied Arabic language and literature in Croatia and Jordan and Belgium. I start to teach the Arabic language since I was studying at university in 3 countries so I have a lot of experience and I use very nice methods during the lessons, in a very professional and nice and comfortable way and also a comfortable atmosphere.

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Exchange student
 Brussels, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Improve your Arabic with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Mar, 2021

Hello, I am Zakaria from Jordan, I am studying international trade and finance. currently, I am in Brussels as an exchange student at Ephec university. I am a native speaker of Arabic and I can speak English and Turkish very fluently. I am very good at Arabic since my mom was an Arabic teacher and I already taught a lot of Turkish people how to speak Arabic. I very friendly and helpful, I can teach all ages. I like children and able to create a good relationship with them also I can teach adult people.

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Stephane Jabre - Linguistics Tutor
 Square Ambiorix 47

Arabic course in Bruxelles near you

Teacher joined in Oct, 2021

- 4 years of tutor experience - 2 years of micro-tutoring - Medical Student Successful life only comes from passion and dedication we give to the things we want to achieve! I'm Stéphane, some boy that is passionate about what he is doing. When I was in school I loved everything about sports and fitness injuries. I was interested in the health field. I even went to see and learn about sports-related surgeries (knee replacements, ACLs, Hip replacements, Rotator cuff surgeries...) with the top orthopedic surgeons in Lebanon. I began feverishly digging more and more in this field. And here I am, a medical student, a researcher at a biomechanics and imaging laboratory, and an EMT inside the Lebanese RedCross. It was like everything I loved doing came into my life. That is the result of resilience, motivation, and wanting to see the best version of yourself in action

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Speak Arabic better than me 😆
 Chaussée de Roodebeek 111

Learn Arabic with private classes

Teacher joined in Jan, 2022

I'm Najm , 31 years old and I'm a engineer working and living here in brussels Origin from Tunisia with a good and easy Arabic accent and a desire for teaching people's I'm also a writer working on my own stories. I will be able to help peoples learning Arabic language in a easy way with a lot of exercises, and practical chat conversations from beginners to experts. My educational and cultural background will help me to introduce and facilitate the language learning. I will be able to reach peoples in all brussels areas, online or directly after my work hours. Be ready to speak Arabic better than me.

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Arabic Tutor, Learn Arabic Fast with Ahmed in Bruxelles
 Brussels, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Private Arabic lessons in Bruxelles

Teacher joined in Sep, 2021

Hello! I’m an Arabic native speaker. I’m also fluent in English and French. I’ve lived in the Middle East and Europe. Therefore, I’m used to meeting and speaking with people from all around the world! I have taught English as a second language to middle school students. If you would like to learn about the Arabic culture, I enjoy sharing interesting facts about my region and explaining the culture. It is fairly easy to learn conversational Arabic with regular practice. However written Arabic requires extra work. I look forward to teaching you Arabic!

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Arabic, Learn Arabic Fast with Tajaoui in Bruxelles
 Karel mestdaghplein 13 2610

Improve your Arabic with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Dec, 2021

I m khalid i have 25 i have expirience than i have m'y degree in université oujda sice 2013 more than i have 7 years work in airport with campany handling swissport arabic is m'y languange and tamazight i think in Bruxelles we have a lot of citizens arabic from this reason i coose Bruxelles to learn arabic from me its easy to learn it and in your attention i speak english french so its easy to participe m'y langages arabic with other finally i m khalid wait your calling and if you Want to open other llcated in anvers i m here

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Private Arabic teacher in Brussels and online
 Brussels, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Arabic teacher in Bruxelles near you

Teacher joined in Mar, 2022

I am Muqtada, a journalist and TV presenter who will teach you the Arabic language in a fun, interesting, and simplified way. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language Arts and I have enough experience to offer you a unique experience in learning Arabic in a short time. I will reveal to you the secrets of learning Arabic and how you can distinguish between its dialects, and you will be able to speak properly in a short period of time. Teaching the Arabic language to others is among my hobbies, so your experience with me will be very easy and unforgettable.. because the Arabic language will be an essential part of your language skills.

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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