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Ato Dawit Bekele
 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Private Amharic tutor in Atlanta

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

(ONLINE LESSON) I am born and grown in Addis Ababa. Amharic is my mother tounge. I speak it fluently. Also, it was the subject that I liked most in my primary and secondary education lessons, and I was scoring the highest grades in it than others. I also took its courses as an Amharic minor when attending my bachelor's degree. Now I am a teacher and have longer years of teaching experience. Actually, I got my BEd degree in English teaching. And also I trained to offer Amharic courses since it is my minor field of study. And I am doing so. But I love to teach Amharic using my full energy because I am absolutely confident in my talent for it

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 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

I was a teacher Mathematics, physics, Chemistry and Amharic in Ethiopia in middle and high school level for more than twelve years and I have the best experience to handle the class room situation and if I get the chance I will make a difference. I want to teach not only Amharic but Mathematic, physics, chemistry and electricity in middle and high school level. I have an excellent experience in teaching for students in the way how to handle the classroom based on teaching learning methodology. I can yeah any where in the world on line (virtually).

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 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Teacher joined in Aug, 2023

(ONLINE LESSON) My name is Dr. Adeda Haileselassie. I am an Amharic and English Teacher. ዶ/ር አደዳ ኃይለሥላሴ እባላለሁ፡፡ አማርኛ እና እንግሊዝኛ አስተማሪ ነኝ፡፡ Do you want to overcome the Amharic Language? I am an assistant professor at the Addis Ababa University. I am a highly qualified and experienced Amharic tutor with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in English and Vicennia of teaching expertise. I am well known as an Amharic Language Tutor. I have a great command over both the standard and different dialects of Amharic. I have a proven track record of teaching Amharic to individuals and groups from all walks of life and all age ranges Foreign Ambassadors, diplomats, lawyers, athletes and other sportspersons, artists, political leaders at various levels, Doctors, and other health personnel, tourists, University professors, Business People (from CEO to middle-level managers), journalists, students ( KG to College), diasporas, anthropologists, students with special needs, senior citizens, adults, young -adults, little kids, … In short, my students are from all levels and ages, and from all over the world; and they have versatile interests in the Amharic language. The level of my students stretches from Beginner- Elementary- Pre Intermediate- Intermediate- Upper Intermediate- Advanced. I am well experienced and have no difficulty in preparing and presenting my lessons for the various levels, ages, and expectations of my students. I treat ALL my students equally and professionally regardless of their age, and social and academic background. I am a person who strongly believes in mutual understanding and respect. My style includes: setting language-learning goals, learning the “right” words, creating the platform for using the language all day, every day, arranging real-life practice, teaching about the culture, repeated exercises and tests, serious follow-up, and documenting student progress.... all lessons well graded, various course outlines for various purposes of language learning. I am goal-oriented. If a student wants to be native-like, one should put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears; and I equally labor with my students until they reach the targeted goal. My in-depth knowledge of literature, linguistics, and language acquisition, coupled with my ability to create inclusive and engaging learning environments, allows me to deliver exceptional instruction to students of all levels and backgrounds. With a passion for empowering students and a commitment to their success, I employ innovative teaching techniques, personalized attention, and constructive feedback to inspire critical thinking, creativity, and a love for the Amharic language. I will make sure each learner has to pass through from the Silent/receptive stage - to Early production - to Speech emergence - to Intermediate fluency -and finally to Continued language development and advanced fluency. I am also cognizant of applying one or both of the four types of teaching and learner styles as best for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Reading/writing learners. If someone asks me my real secret, it’s that I LOVE my students, I believe in their possibilities unconditionally, and I see only what they can become. I LOVE the perspectives and experiences my students bring to class. My students are always my source of motivation and inspiration. THEY ARE MY LIVING WITNESSES, AND ALWAYS RECOMMEND ME TO OTHER STUDENTS. ANYTIME YOU WANT TO REACH THEM, THEY ARE AVAILABLE. My students always describe me as humble, tolerant, approachable, creative, positive, fair-minded, humorous, consistent, reliable, passionate, motivational, nurturing, honest, diligent, organized, ethical, civil, respectful, understanding, empathetic, punctual, at the same time HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL; which I am. I do this coaching not as a career BUT AS A LIFE CALLING. Do you want to conquer the Amharic language? .......... then, Choose Dr Adeda Haileselassie (ዶ/ር አደዳ ኃይለሥላሴ), Addis Ababa University, An assistant Professor! I am available for part-time and full-time jobs; institutional, group, and individual tutoring; face face and online modes of teaching/ tutoring. I also am ready to adjust both conditional and regular schedules given the time plan of my students. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my expertise and enthusiasm to you, your kids, your institutions, and the academic community. Working with me will be something you won't regret and you also establish a long-term relationship. In addition, I also teach English and coach people in personality development. Details are similar to those mentioned in my Amharic teaching experience above. I also do a translation job from and to Amharic and English. I am proud to be a TEACHER!

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