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 Since  January 2024
Tutor from Colombia
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Unlock Your Spanish Adventure!

Private Spanish Tutor in Cape Town and Online


Have you ever dreamt of speaking Spanish fluently and confidently while travelling or connecting with people you love? Well, get ready because your dream is about to come true!

Discovering A New Way to Learn:

I’m Diego, a native Spanish speaker. My own experience learning English taught me that acquiring a new language should be more than just an educational process – it has to be an exciting adventure! So, get ready for a hands-on experience where mimicry, repetition, and fun take centre stage.

¡Vamos a aprender español juntos! (Let's learn Spanish together!)

Why Choose Me?

Passionate Teacher: I bring my energy and authenticity to every lesson, ensuring an engaging learning experience.

Hands-On Learning: Immerse yourself in real-life scenarios from day one that’ll build your confidence through active Spanish use.

Mimicry & Repetition: Master communication by making the language a part of you – it’s not just about memorising grammar rules!

Fun at the Core: Forget dull classes! Enjoyable lessons ensure each session is a delightful experience. Learning is most effective when it’s fun!

Ready for this exciting journey?

Contact me, and let’s make learning Spanish an unforgettable experience!

¡Hasta pronto! (See you soon!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Spanish in Cape Town?

Nothing is impossible if you really want it :)

How much time does it take to learn Spanish in Cape Town?

It will be up to your interest and dedication, but don't worry I'll be there for you!

225 ZAR
per hour

Tutor available
  for 5 more
students only!

Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Blouberg, Tableview, Milnerton and CBD.

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