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Native Japanese with lots of experience for teaching.

Private Japanese Tutor in Prague and Online

I have taught Japanese to more than 20 students privately. I know how I should speak in a simple way so that foreigners can understand well in Japanese and be confident in themselves. You can feel your progress clearly through the lesson and conversation with me. I'm sure it would boost your motivation for learning and deepen your love for Japanese. I would really like to increase the number of Japanese fans, so I would love to contribute to that lovely purpose, even if it's a small help.

Japanese is not an easy language mainly because of Kanji but the grammar is not so complicated or bizarre, just a bit different from others mainly Indo-European languages. If you can keep your motivation high, it's possible to go beyond the difficulties. Just continue to achieve a small step with me and you can go farther.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Prague?

It is easy if you really are passionate about learning and you can enjoy studying. There is no easy way or shortcut for learning foreign languages. Just continue to achieve a small step and you can go farther.

Is it difficult to learn Japanese in Prague?

The passion and motivation for leaning is the most important element. When you lose them, things turn out to be just really difficult for you.

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