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JLTCT holder:Improve your Japanese with a native speaker !

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初(はじ)めまして、慶子(けいこ)と申(もう)します 。

Hello, I am Keiko from Japan, a Japanese native! I have M.A. in linguistics and language communication in Japan. I have experience in teaching English for 4 years at a language school as well as a private tutor when I was at uni. I also have taught Japanese for about 3 years in Taiwan as a private tutor. I passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test(JLTCT :日本語教育能力検定)a few years ago.

🌸Since my Indonesian is very limited at this point (I'm studying :D), I use English and Japanese during the class. I also speak Mandarin Chinese (intermediate level) and have learned basic Korean when I was in uni .

🌸I'm patient and friendly person. I'm looking forward to learning Japanese with you!!

🌸 My class is more suitable for adult learners (or Junior high school students and above) as I don't have teaching materials for children.

🌸When you contact me, it'll be great if you could share some info about you including your experience of studying Japanese, the purpose/reason to study Japanese as well as which year you're in if you're a student. Thank you :))

If you can't attend the lesson, I will appreciate if you inform me in advance at least 2 hours before the lesson starts (Preferably 1 day before, if it's not emergency such as work, sickness etc.). If you don't show up in the lesson without advance notification before the scheduled lesson time, the lesson will be charged as it's attended, so please be careful!! Thank you for your understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Jakarta?

It's hard to say which language is difficult to learn as it pretty much depends on your mother tongue. Honestly, I reckon Japanese won't be the easiest foreign language for you to learn if your mother tongue is Indonesian, since we have different letters/ characters (Hiragana, Katakan, Kanji) . Also the word order and the grammatical structure in Japanese are quite different to Indonesian or to English.
However I'm sure it'll be eye-opening experience for you to tackle and learn the new language you've never encountered. I'm sure you'll enjoy Japanese with me:))

What is the easiest way to learn Japanese in Jakarta?

There are plenty of recourses you can access online so I recommend you to watch your favorite anime in Japanese on netflix or watch videos in Japanese on youtube or on any other platforms, besides studying Japanese in our lessons :)

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