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Native mandarin speaker Svarti W from Taiwan !

Private Chinese / Mandarin Tutor in Singapore and Online

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✵ Nearly 7 years of experience in content writing, mandarin teaching, and compiling renewable energy enterprise websites and sustainability issues & corporate LinkedIn articles, and corporate brand articles (For B2B, B2C, B2G)

✵18 years of experience in the classical music industry; 1 year of experience in world-class Fine Dining; nearly 7 years of experience in renewable energy and sustainability industry

✵ Study and worked in Osaka, Bangkok, Sydney, and Hobart
Study Graduate Diploma of Marine and Antarctic Science at University of Tasmania, majoring in Governance and Policy
The University of Tasmania does well in Earth Sciences, ranked among the top 50 in the QS rankings ( 2022 ); Top 1 in Australia.
Marine and Antarctic Science is the only degree in the world.

✵21 countries in-depth self-guided tour, accumulated from 2023/07/02
Frequent Flyer

Specializing in the field of Mandarin conversation & Writing Teaching --
1. Sustainability-related issues (climate emergency, renewable energy)& sustainability-related services and products)
2. Issues related to the SDGs17
3. In-depth travel
4. Food connotation
5: Music
6. Culture, art, aesthetics
7. Public welfare and education

Has worked in the business industry as a special assistant to the chairman of the Board for 4.1 years, and has started her own business as a writer writer for nearly three years since February 2021.
Understand business language and writing logic really well.
The world outside business is also very beautiful, waiting for you to explore together!

💛 Exclusive customized courses 💛
💛 Each student's course is uniquely designed 💛
Please send me a private message before purchasing and discuss with me! Make your learning rich and interesting 😉 let your every penny spent on the focus!

Every student is a VIP! Your course is only for you! Only for your needs and points! Do not repeat with other students, and do not use the textbook to teach!
Each course can be immediately applied in the real world and the workplace
The knowledge that can be used in practice is the most valuable true knowledge

What is the easiest way to learn Chinese?
Speak Speak & Speak, i will give you a secret method from a Foreign Office interpreter ^^

How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin?
As easy as your mother language ^^

Is Chinese / Mandarin easy to learn?
Yes! You will have a lot of fun when you practice with me ^^

Is it difficult to learn Chinese / Mandarin?
No, as long as you follow me ^^

How much time does it take to learn Chinese / Mandarin?
It depends on the result you want! So just msg me and let's discuss it together ^^

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Singapore?

As easy as your mother language ^^

Is it difficult to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Singapore?

No, as long as you follow me ^^

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