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Lijun graduated from the Department of Chinese Literature, Suzhou University, China. She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Chinese to different groups of learners. In addition, Lijun has 16 years of experience in assisting local P6 students with their PSLE Chinese Examinations.
Lijun offers professional Chinese language courses for adults: Chinese Pinyin, basic literacy, daily conversation, business Chinese, ancient Chinese literature, HSK L1 —L6 courses, etc.
Lijun have written several revision and practice books for students, based on the Chinese syllabus from the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Lijun also founded her own tuition centre in Singapore.

They include:
• Chinese Language Practice Series (Primary School Level)
• Chinese Enrichment Revision (Primary School Examination Preparations)
• Ace Your Composition Series

I conduct 1 hr Online Zoom lesson for adults.

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Your journey to Chinese fluency begins with a single step. Seize the opportunity to learn from a dedicated tutor who is as invested in your success as you are. Let's embark on this exciting venture together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Singapore?

The ease or difficulty of learning Chinese can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the learner's native language, their prior experience with learning languages, their dedication and motivation, and the learning resources and methods they use. Here are some factors to consider:
Native Language: For speakers of languages with a similar writing system or linguistic features, such as other East Asian languages, learning Chinese might be somewhat easier due to shared characters or grammatical structures. However, for speakers of languages with different structures, such as English or European languages, the learning curve might be steeper.
Writing System: Chinese characters (Hanzi) are logograms, which means they represent whole words or morphemes rather than individual sounds. Learning to read and write characters can be challenging, especially because there are thousands of characters. However, learning spoken Mandarin (Putonghua) without focusing on characters is also an option.
Tones: Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, meaning the meaning of a word can change based on the tone used. Mastering tones can be tricky for some learners, but with practice, it becomes more intuitive.
Grammar: Chinese grammar is often simpler than that of many European languages. It lacks verb conjugations, gender agreements, and cases. However, the sentence structure and word order can differ from English, which may require some adjustment.
Vocabulary: Chinese vocabulary might be unfamiliar to learners, which could make memorization more challenging. However, some words may resemble words in other languages due to shared origins.
Motivation and Dedication: Learning any language requires consistent effort and practice. If a learner is motivated and dedicated, they are more likely to overcome challenges and make progress.
Cultural Context: Learning Chinese involves not only the language but also an understanding of Chinese culture, customs, and etiquette. This can add depth to the learning process but might also require extra time and effort.
Resources and Instruction: Quality learning resources, such as textbooks, online courses, language apps, and experienced tutors, can greatly influence the learning experience.
In summary, while learning Chinese can be challenging due to its unique features, it's definitely achievable with the right approach, resources, and determination. Many people successfully learn Chinese and find the journey to be rewarding, especially as they gain the ability to communicate with millions of speakers and explore a rich cultural heritage.

How much time does it take to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Singapore?

The time it takes to learn Chinese in Singapore, or anywhere else, can vary widely depending on several factors. These factors include your prior language learning experience, the amount of time and effort you dedicate to studying, your language goals (e.g., basic communication, fluency, proficiency), the quality of instruction, and the resources you use.
For a rough estimate, let's break down the levels of proficiency:
Basic Communication: If you aim to achieve basic conversational skills for everyday situations, such as greetings, introducing yourself, and ordering food, you might be able to achieve this within a few months of consistent study.
Intermediate Level: To have more in-depth conversations and understand more complex sentences, you might need around 1-2 years of dedicated study.
Advanced Fluency: Achieving a high level of fluency and being able to comfortably engage in discussions on a wide range of topics, read newspapers, and watch TV shows might take several years of consistent and immersive learning.
Mastery: Achieving near-native proficiency, including the ability to read complex texts and fully participate in professional or academic settings, could take several years of advanced study and immersion.
Keep in mind that Singapore is a multicultural and multilingual society where English is widely spoken and used for education and business. The availability of Mandarin Chinese speakers and language resources can positively impact your learning progress. Additionally, taking advantage of language classes, private tutoring, language exchange, and immersion opportunities can greatly expedite the learning process.
Ultimately, learning a language is a gradual process that requires continuous practice and exposure. Set clear goals, stay motivated, and be consistent in your efforts, and you'll make steady progress in your journey to learn Chinese in Singapore.

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