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Genla ( G and e as in German alphabets )

Private Tibetan Tutor in New Delhi and Online

9 years of experience teaching the Tibetan language to foreigners.
I studied the Tibetan language traditionally for 13 years from a proper grammatical lineage of the Situ Rinpoche.
I have 5 years of Tibetan-English translation experience with 2 years teaching at Sera Jey Monastic University’s translation department.
I teach Tibetan using both traditional and Modern methods.
After taking my classes you will be well versed not only in conversations but also in the systematic structuring of the language.
Learning conversation and reading is crucial and so, it will require repetition method and a little bit of work. Once this groundwork is done, it will be much faster and easier (relatively) to learn Tibetan.
If one aspires to study the language in terms of conversation then with consistent practice, it will take about 10 months to a year to speak a sensible Tibetan. If one wants to truly understand the language and the grammatical system then 6 years is the minimum. The Tibetan language is based on one of the most intricate and well-defined systems of language.
My classes range from beginner-level classes to advanced-level classes.
Two major courses: Conversational classes and Classical Grammar classes.
I also teach courses on the translation of Buddhist texts from English to Tibetan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Tibetan in New Delhi?

Getting a good Tibetan teacher is a bit of a challenge as many native speakers with zero experience in teaching tend to be the ones that a new student encounters t be most.

Is Tibetan easy to learn?

After the ground work of character recognition, reading and some basic conversations; Tibetan is surprisingly easy ( relatively speaking)

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