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About Suejin

I have 7 years of experience as an airline flight attendant.
I have 10 years of teaching experience.
I have 5 years of trading experience.

hello! I am working as a Korean tutor. I love the Korean language and have a passion for teaching Korean to students.

I have fluent Korean language skills and pay particular attention to standard pronunciation and emphasis on intonation. I help students speak accurate and natural Korean. In addition, I focus on providing fun and informative classes to increase students' interest and motivation.

My classes are very flexible and adapt to students' schedules and needs. I help students actively participate by utilizing a variety of learning materials and activities to improve their language skills, and I put the development of each student first.

Above all, I value communication and connection with students. I strive to ensure that students learn in a comfortable and safe environment, and I emphasize respect and understanding of each other's cultures.

Everyone who wants to learn Korean is welcome! Let's go on a wonderful journey together and develop better Korean skills together. I believe that with me, you will be able to achieve a more confident command of the Korean language. thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Korean in Vancouver?

Interest in Korean or interest in Korea can be the easiest way to learn Korean

How much time does it take to learn Korean in Vancouver?

It seems that each situation is different. If you have a lot of time to be exposed to Korean, you will learn it as quickly as that time

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