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Your Korean tutor, Julia is here!

Private Korean Tutor in Busan and Online

Hello, everyone! I am your Korean teacher, Julia.
Nice to meet you all. I was born and raised in South Korea and of course I am a native Korean speaker.
I can speak English, Korean and poco espanol.

Now I am studying Korean to get a certificate of Korean language teacher to foreigners.
Even though I don't have it yet but I have a lot of experiences of teaching English so I am sure that
I can teach you Korean very well.

About my curriculum, it will be customized. first, we will talk about the purpose of your
Korean learning and reasons.
after that, we discuss your preferred learning method and activities and materials during classes.

I also have a working experience in a big company in Korea, so when you need some tips about that,
I can tell you. :)

【K-pop & K-drama】
😀 What's your favorite songs or dramas in Korea?
😃 We can learn it through your favorite songs and drama lines with fun!
😄 You can learn Korean things including culture, travel, work, life through this course.

【Korean Voca & Korean grammar】
Many students are saying that it's not easy to learn Korean grammar. It could be true, but we need to do more practice and find the best way to reach the goal!
😀 Vocabulary is the basic of all languages, right?
😃 Basic Voca and some useful words for learning Korean.
😄 With Grammar, you can get a wing for Korean language.
😁 Not just grammar but with many practice sentences and speaking chances.

【And more above】
😀😃😄You can choose what you want to learn!
ex) Korean News articles, Korean books etc.
Depends on your levels, I can recommend some good courses for you.

🤗🌈🌴 Nice to meet you! Welcome!! Let's study Korean with fun!
🐛Lots of experience of English teaching/ Now, studying for getting a certificate of Korean teacher (Korean as a foreign language)
🏆 Effective and goal-oriented class vibe! With ease and fun!🌈
📈1:1 tutoring system makes you get to your goal faster!
-Korean Voca/ Korean grammar/ Korean conversation practice
🚩 Let's dive into Korean language, now! 😝😁

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Korean in Busan?

Having lots of language practices with Koreans and take my classes :)

Is it difficult to learn Korean in Busan?

No problem at all! You can enjoy Busan and learn Korean easily in this beautiful city, Busan!

22000 KRW
per hour

Tutor available
  for 3 more
students only!

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Online/ Busan

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