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I'm a Professional License Teacher

Private Filipino Tutor in Cebu City and Online

I'm doing a tutor as my part-time Job. I can teach Bisaya/Cebuano, Filipino ( Tagalog ), and different subject areas.
I already have experience teaching elementary students from Years 2 to 6.

-In preparing my lesson I always have this method or steps:

Define Objectives:
Clearly outline what you want your students to learn by the end of the lesson. This could be a specific skill, concept, or understanding.

Know Your Audience:
Understand your student's prior knowledge, learning styles, and interests. This will help you tailor the lesson to their needs and engage them effectively.

Content Selection:
Choose relevant content and materials that align with your objectives. These could include textbooks, articles, videos, and interactive resources.

Create a Lesson Plan:
Develop a detailed outline of the lesson, including the introduction, main content, activities, and conclusion. Make sure to allocate appropriate time for each segment.

Grab students' attention with a hook or engaging question related to the topic. Clearly state the objectives and explain the importance of the lesson.

Deliver Content:
Break down the main content into smaller sections. Use various teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, visuals, and hands-on activities to present the material.

Incorporate interactive activities like group discussions, problem-solving exercises, case studies, or simulations. This promotes active engagement and deeper understanding.

Build opportunities for formative assessment throughout the lesson. This could involve quizzes, polls, or class discussions to gauge students' understanding as you go along.

Clarify Doubts:
Pause regularly to address questions and concerns from students. Encourage a safe and open environment for them to ask for clarifications.

Real-world Connections:
Relate the lesson content to real-life situations or current events. This helps students see the practical relevance of what they're learning.

Summarize and Review:
Sum up the key points covered in the lesson. This can help reinforce the main takeaways and ensure students are on track.

Assign Homework or Practice:
Give students assignments that reinforce the lesson's concepts. This could include reading, problem-solving, or research tasks.

Conclude the lesson by revisiting the objectives and summarizing what was learned. Emphasize the connection between this lesson and upcoming lessons.

Take a moment to reflect on how the lesson went. What worked well? What could be improved? Use this feedback to refine your teaching strategies.

Be prepared to adapt your lesson if you notice that students are struggling or if unexpected questions arise. Flexibility is key to effective teaching.

Encourage students to provide feedback on the lesson. This can offer insights into their learning experience and guide your future lesson planning.

Continuous Learning:
Keep improving your teaching techniques by staying updated on educational methods, attending workshops, and learning from your experiences.

Remember, effective lesson preparation involves a balance of structure and flexibility. By catering to your student's needs and employing engaging strategies, you can create a rich and impactful learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Filipino in Cebu City?

It should start learning the basics, more important to learn is the ABAKADA ( the Filipino Alphabet ). for you to be able to speak well and read Tagalog words properly.

Is Filipino easy to learn?

The ease of learning Filipino, also known as Tagalog, depends on several factors, including your native language, previous language learning experience, and personal aptitude for learning languages.

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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

coffee shop, apartment/hotel, house of the students

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