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Private Vietnamese teacher in Ha Noi and Online

Private Vietnamese Tutor in Hanoi and Online

Hi, my future students. My name is Loc, and I am from Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. In my free time, I like running and gardening these activities help me become refreshed after a long day of working. I love learning languages because they not only help me at work and give me the opportunity to meet people from around the world but also enrich my life.

I believe learning a language is not difficult at all if the teacher is good enough to make the learning journey become easy and fun for students.

As a teacher:
I’m keen on learning and teaching a new language, so I have worked as an English private tutor since I was a student at the university. Besides Vietnamese and English, I have been learning Chinese, which helps me to understand the challenge of learning a new language and find a way to figure it out.
While I’m working in five-star hotels, I taught many customers to learn Vietnamese (based on their needs) to do their business or to discover Vietnam on their trips.
At present, I have been teaching many tourists, and foreigners Vietnamese via Zoom and Skype for nearly 2 years, and as a result, most of the students can communicate with me in Vietnamese easily after studying time.

My Lessons & Teaching Style:
• In my opinion, the theory lessons are extremely boring. It is hard to remember all knowledge without stories or illustrations. In my class, I would like to listen to your own stories and help you to express them in Vietnamese in the most accurate way.
• The lesson and topic will be customized to your level, requirement, or interest included:
_ Pronunciation: speak clearly and naturally (this is the most important part in my class to make sure everyone can understand your Vietnamese and vice versa)
_ Vocabulary: you will learn many interesting new words by the situation and making sentences.
_ Grammar: express your idea in a logical way and I will help you to correct your mistakes.
_ Fluency: I will be your companion to practice different real-life conversations and our goal is to make you comfortable with Vietnamese.
• If you attend my class, I will encourage you to be yourself, be confident, speak as much as possible, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
My Teaching Material
• Presentation slides/PPT
• Quizzes
• Homework Assignments
• Text Documents
• Flashcards
• Image files
• Articles and news
• Video files
• Audio files
• PDF file

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Vietnamese in Hanoi?

One of the tricks should be used to learn Vietnamese is to have Vietnamese lover because it not only motivates you but also help you be creative in learning the language. If you are in Ha Noi, you have number of chances to meet your Vietnamese life mate.

Is Vietnamese easy to learn?

Yes, it's easy to learn. If you keep discipline and learning the language daily beside that you understand your style of learning and have suitable learning path. I am pretty sure that you will master the language with ease.

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