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Lives in Campanar, Valencia, Valencia, Spain
 Since  December 2023
Tutor from Argentina





Spanish Serenade: Your Melodic Journey to Fluency Begins now

Private Spanish Tutor in Valencia and Online

Embark on a personalized Spanish journey with a native speaker in Valencia!

Whether you're aiming for basic communication, daily language use, traditional sessions, or diving into the depths of grammar, I tailor Spanish classes to suit your needs and goals.

My background spans from the vibrant culture of Argentina to a decade of life in Ireland, where I married, and we're now a happy family of three. As a certified TEFL English teacher with experience in renowned companies like PwC, Google, and Microsoft, I bring a unique blend of language proficiency and professional insight.

Beyond the corporate world, I embrace a holistic side, being a Reiki master passionate about various holistic therapies.

Join me for in-person, digital, or a mix of both classes, and let's make your Spanish learning experience engaging, meaningful, and tailored just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Spanish in Valencia?

Learning Spanish in Valencia can vary in difficulty based on individual factors such as your prior language learning experience, dedication, and immersion. Valencia offers a conducive environment with language schools, cultural experiences, and a community that often encourages learning.

Taking advantage of local language resources, participating in conversation exchanges, and practicing regularly will contribute to your proficiency. While challenges may arise, many find learning Spanish in Valencia to be an enriching and rewarding experience.

How much time does it take to learn Spanish in Valencia?

The time it takes to learn Spanish in Valencia, as elsewhere, varies widely depending on individual factors such as your native language, language learning experience, the amount of time dedicated to study, and the intensity of your learning approach.

For a basic conversational level, many people find that several months of consistent practice and study are sufficient. However, achieving higher proficiency levels or fluency may take a year or more. Immersion, regular interaction with native speakers, and participating in language courses can significantly expedite the learning process.

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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Campanar, Mestalla, Petxina, zona viveros, Arrancapins, Patraix, centro de Valencia.

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