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Namaste! I'm Zharana, your dedicated language tutor hailing from the picturesque land of Nepal. Currently residing in the vibrant city of Christchurch, I bring a unique blend of cultural richness and professional expertise to the world of language learning. With a diverse background in Human Resources and Supplier Support, coupled with a Master's degree in Business Studies, I offer a holistic and enriching approach to language education.

Professional Journey:
My journey as a language tutor began after four successful years in Human Resources and Supplier Support roles in Nepal. These experiences cultivated my ability to connect with individuals from various walks of life, while also honing my interpersonal and communication skills. Working closely with people taught me the importance of effective communication in achieving shared goals. I realized that my passion for connecting with people could be channeled into teaching languages, thereby enabling others to bridge cultural gaps and communicate confidently.

Educational Background:
Equipped with a Master's degree in Business Studies, I possess a strong academic foundation that complements my language-teaching endeavors. My academic background not only instilled in me a deep understanding of effective communication strategies but also reinforced the significance of adaptability in an ever-evolving global landscape. These principles guide my teaching methodology, enabling me to tailor lessons that resonate with each student's learning style, pace, and objectives.

Language Teaching Philosophy:
As your language tutor, my philosophy centers around fostering a comfortable and inclusive learning environment where students feel encouraged to explore, make mistakes, and ultimately excel. I understand that learning a new language can be both exciting and challenging, so I emphasize patience, empathy, and active engagement in every lesson. By combining a structured curriculum with interactive activities, I ensure that my students not only grasp the language's intricacies but also immerse themselves in its cultural nuances.

Cultural Enrichment:
Being from Nepal, a land rich in cultural heritage, I infuse my lessons with anecdotes, traditions, and insights that provide a deeper understanding of the language's cultural context. This holistic approach not only aids language retention but also encourages cross-cultural appreciation, fostering open-mindedness and respect for diversity.

Tailored Learning:
Recognizing that each student is unique, I personalize my teaching methods to cater to individual goals and learning preferences. Whether you're a beginner aiming to grasp the basics or an advanced learner striving for fluency, I design lessons that empower you to achieve your linguistic aspirations.

Embark on a language learning journey like no other with Zharana from Nepal. My four years of professional experience in HR and Supplier Support, combined with a Master's degree in Business Studies, form the foundation of my innovative language teaching approach. Together, we'll navigate the linguistic landscape, unravel cultural intricacies, and empower you to communicate confidently in your chosen language. Join me, and let's explore the world of languages in an exciting and enriching way. Dhanyabad!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Nepali in Christchurch?

Online and offline practice.

Is Nepali easy to learn?

Quite easy and practice what makes perfect.

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Reading, Writing Listening, and Speaking.