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Lives in округ Красносельский, Москва, Россия
 Since  October 2023
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Latvian language teacher

Private Latvian Tutor in Moscow and Online

I provide tutoring services.
Working experience with students since 2020.
I teach students from scratch. In the process of work, conversational skills are developed, and special attention is paid to grammar.
The Latvian proficiency level is at the native level. Have lived in Latvia for 19 years.
English language proficiency level is C1.
Since Latvian belongs to the Baltic group of languages, it is quite difficult to learn. It will take an average of about 1200 hours to master it at the proper level. The difficulty lies in the number of declensions of nouns - there are 6 of them, as well as cases - there are 7 of them. This is also complicated by the moods of the verb, there are 5 of them - indicative, imperative, conditional, conjunctive, and debitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Russian in Moscow?

It’s quite simple because everyone speaks Russian, other languages are used quite rarely.

What is the easiest way to learn Russian in Moscow?

Communicate with native speakers, find a tutor, or take language courses.

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