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Looking for a Korean friend? I'm the one!

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Hi, I'm an international student in Toronto. I'm from Korea, and I like teaching others. I love giving help, and that's why I'm in a Hospitality program. I've taught my friends basic math since middle school. I had a hard time for studying some lectures too, so I can understand you guys well! I use interesting examples with students' names and have conversations with each of them to know their problems. I'm patient and I like repeating to memorize. I will let you know how to take notes and some trends, slang, and also formal Korean. Please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to having a foreign friend who is interested in Korea!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Korean in Toronto?

I think it's really easy. It's because there are lots of Koreans and Korean restaurants. We can visit Korean cafes or restaurants to order food in Korean!

Is Korean easy to learn?

Of course it's easy. Pronunciation is not used to foreigners, so it sounds difficult. But if you are used to it, you will look like a native!

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I live in North York, but my school is in Toronto. So, I prefer Old Toronto to meet. But I can coordinate for you.

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