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 Since  January 2024
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Learn Korean as if you were in Seoul with a Korean tutor!

Private Korean Tutor in Marseille and Online

I'm a native Korean, born and raised in Seoul, specifically in Gangnam. I completed my entire school journey in Gangnam, from elementary to high school. I've lived in different countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Germany, and Italy. I now call France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· home.

I've been teaching Korean for over 5 years. Having experienced the challenges of learning different languages myself, I understand how you might feel. I'm passionate about teaching Korean and am studying for the Level 2 Korean teacher certificate.

My classes focus on improving your speaking skills through conversation in Korean.
I customize my teaching methods to suit your needs, whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your Korean proficiency.

We'll concentrate on practical language skills such as engaging in conversations, ordering food, traveling, and effectively communicating with native speakers.

Additionally, we'll explore Korean culture, from traditional customs to modern trends, including K-Pop🎢🎀 and K-Drama. My goal is to make you a confident communicator in Korean.

Also, I will guide you through the Korean alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, and everyday expressions.

My Korean lessons are suitable for all levels. Let's make learning Korean a fun and rewarding experience together! 😊

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Korean in Marseille?

Learning Korean in Marseille might pose some challenges as it's not as common as learning more widely spoken languages. However, with online resources, language exchange groups, and dedicated language tutors, you can still make good progress. The key is to stay motivated and utilize available resources

Is it difficult to learn Korean in Marseille?

Learning Korean in Marseille might be a bit challenging due to the limited availability of local resources compared to more commonly taught languages. However, with online courses, language exchange partners, and self-study materials, you can still make progress. The difficulty depends on your dedication and the learning methods you choose.

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