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Experienced Japanese Teacher -こんにちは! :)

Private Japanese Tutor in Wellington and Online

I have great experience teaching Japanese both in person and online in several countries in English, Spanish and Japanese (for advanced learners only). I was born in Tokyo and raised there. Native Japanese speaker living in several countries and has great communication skills with people from different backgrounds. I am super friendly and easy to talk about any topics from casual topics to grammars, international affairs :)

I'm available mostly online since I am usually a university student, but can teach in person if time & place matches. Based in Wellington CBD around. As I don't own a car, it would be tricky for me to go anywhere too far for me and I might have to use a public transport.

I look forward to meeting with you and talk about Japanese :D!
Please do not hesitate to drop a line if you have any questions, etc., I am easy going :)


Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Wellington?

From my personal teaching experience to variety of people, I would say it is totally depends on a learner's skills, time investment, how often you have chances to use the language, and how much foundation you already have. I know some people who started self-learning and quickly picked up a lot of things including kanjis which I would consider exceptional. On the other hand, I know many people who are learning Japanese for years and still struggling with basics. However, don't be discouraged. Japanese is not that hard to speak and grammar is quite simple (we don't even have future tense!).

Is it difficult to learn Japanese in Wellington?

I have covered this question partially in the previous question, but I would think there are a quite few of opportunities of joining Japanese cultural events in Wellington or even you can find Japanese books in public libraries or even many Japanese people live in Wellington. So, it's a pretty good environment for Japanese learners to use their language skills if they want to!

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