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 Since  November 2023
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Let’s discover the joy of learning Japanese with me!!

Private Japanese Tutor in Tokyo and Online

【 Now only Zoom lesson is available 】
Hello! I am Kaori. Hajime mashite!

I’m a native Japanese speaker and experienced, qualified Japanese coach who has studied methods of teaching Japanese to English speakers.
Also, I am working as a professional Japanese Calligrapher.
(I got the Prize the Prime Minister’s Award 2015 in JPN by the JPN government)

I was born and raised in Japan. After working in a Japanese company for a long time, I lived in Malaysia and worked in Hong Kong.
I understand the joy and challenging points of learning a language and cultural difference very well.
So, don’t worry if you are a Japanese zero-beginner.
Nobody speaks fluently from the beginning!!
I can support you in English depending on your level.

“Language is the dress of thought” ←My favorite phrase!
Let’s discover the joy of learning with me!

(My likes: Travelling, Scuba-Diving, Calligraphy, Work-out, Spa(Onsen), Sauna, Champagne)

【Qualifications & Experience】
・Japanese Language Instructors Qualification
・Japanese Calligraphy Teacher
・Personal tutor (English)

-Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University (B.A degree in International Private Law)
-Worked as a planner at advertising agency and consulting company (4 years)
-Worked as secretary leader at International law firm (16 years)
-Lived in Malaysia (3 years)
▪️(Nowhere ↓)
-Working as a Japanese coach at a language school platform in JPN
(especially ex-pats living in Japan, business persons, and upper Intermediate levels)
▪️(Nowhere ↓)
-Working as a professional Japanese Calligrapher to promote Japanese traditional culture everywhere in the world!

【Teaching Approach】
My lesson style is ………………………. ↓
-100% bespoke style

In my lesson,
I check and analyze your “SPEAK” with the vocabulary and grammar in conversation.
After that, I design your learning plan to overcome your weak points depending on your levels.
This is the most important STRATEGY to improve your Japanese ability to communicate with confidence!
Especially, I focus on “SOUND” training. (Pitch, Flow, Accent, Rhythm, Pronunciation)

【Active>Passive】your vocabulary, grammar, knowledge (already you studied)
I am ready for your very practical lesson according to your NEEDS and WANTS.
Let me know your GOAL and CHALLENGING POINT in Japanese.

No worries! No need to be perfect from the beginning.
Let’s have a FUN time learning together!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Tokyo?

Based on my rich experience and my original method, I will design for you the best learning plan.
For example,
【For Beginner】
⚫️You will can do→
to tell about yourself / to communicate easily in your daily life

It‘s impossible to improve without vocabulary and grammar if you are a beginner.
But learning them passively is not enough at all.
I will make you “practice”(daily conversation) in vocabulary and grammar.

【For Intermediate-Advanced】

⚫️You will can do→
do discuss / to share opinions/to understand and use various type of Japanese (Idiom,onomatopoeia, etc)

Through conversations and role playing, I point out mistakes you make and give you feedback.
・Current Topics (News,TV program,Podcast, SNS, your favorite books or your favorite article……)
・Business conversation and manners and Japanese company culture …

Is Japanese easy to learn?

If you continue exploring your curiosity for Japanese!
You will reach your goal soon!
No worries, I am the best coach for you!

3000 JPY
per hour

Tutor available
  for 3 more
students only!

Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Everywhere (Now Online lesson is only available)

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