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Lives in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
 Since  January 2024
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I am a Japanese native with a fluent Aussie accent ready to teach you Japanese. I’ve lived in Australia (VIC/QLD) for the past 20+ years so I can explain complex confusing parts of the Japanese language in a way that you can understand. We can have a casual chat or you can come up with specific topics/questions in mind to dive in deep together. I have 7 years of experience in early childhood education (as a teacher and then a trainer for new teachers too). I’m good at explaining things simply :)

Do you live in Japan and have a question you’re dying to ask (why do Japanese people do XYZ??) but can’t because you are afraid of offending them? Or you don’t understand their English? I’m here :)

I’m looking forward to meeting you online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Sunshine Coast?

Learning any language is possible if you have a big-enough “why”.

Is it difficult to learn Japanese in Sunshine Coast?

Giving up is an automatic NO. Keep going long enough with the right help & encouragement you WILL get there.

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