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Lives in Canach, cantone di Remich, Lussemburgo
 Since  August 2023
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I am a Space and Astronautical Engineer, with two Master's degrees in Aerospace Engineering. I studied in Italy, but I have never worked there. I now help develop small satellites here in Luxembourg. I have always been working in an International environment, made of professionals and scientists, so I am very used to dealing with people. I am an Engineer, so I am pretty used to handling and solving problems, but we will follow an easy approach to learning one of the most loved languages in the World! I know you all know at least a few Italian words, and we will also learn the international language of signs 🤌 We can also talk about our culture, literature, architecture, whatever you wish!
Are you ready to become a real Italian?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Italian easy to learn?

It really depends on you. Italian is easy to learn if you come from a Latin country, it could be more hostile if you don't. It depends on how fast you can learn new concepts, and on how much time you can dedicate to it, but in a few months, you could become proficient in it.

Is it difficult to learn Italian in Luxembourg?

We, Italians, are the 4th bigger group of expats in Luxembourg, and you are all able to speak, at least, a few words and to do a little bit of gestures! You know everything about pizza, pasta alla carbonara, bufala, and burrata! It will not be difficult to improve your skills talking with native Italians because you will always find a native Italian in front of a real coffee!!

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