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Hausa language online tutor and research assistant

Private Hausa Tutor in Lagos and Online

I had experience teaching Hausa for over 4 good years via online applications like Zoom Meeting application and Google Meet. I act as a research assistant in the field of Hausa language, Hausa culture, and Hausa literature.
The Hausa language is a very simple language that has enough words to learn by the students who are highly committed to doing so.
I currently pursuing my master's degree also in HAUSA language specializing in the language just for my students to be more convenient in learning the language.
I always use the student center method to impart knowledge to the target audiences. My primary concern is my students' needs and my priorities are on the students' needs, therefore, I can attend to students' questions always and all the time. The time for online classes depends entirely on the student's choice and preference.
The easiest way to learn the language is to be conversant with Hausa Alphabet consonants and vowels and other special characters that were entirely different from English characters like Ɓ, ɓ, Ɗ, ɗ, Ƙ, ƙ, and Kw, KY, ky, 'Y gui, and so on. Because of these letters, most of the Hausa words use one of these special letters. Serious students within six months can learn how to read, write and speak the Hausa language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Hausa in Lagos?

Start with the learning Hausa Alphabet, and special Hausa characters, and forming simple words for objects around you.

How much time does it take to learn Hausa in Lagos?

In 6 months, one can learn to read and write in the Hausa language and more a year one can even write a simple story.

15000 NGN
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I teach the Hausa language online via the Zoom app or Google meets and also act as a research assistant in this area in Hausa language, Hausa culture, and Hausa literature.

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