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Hello there! Γειά σου! My name is Maria, I'm 24 years old and I am a native Greek speaker. I am looking forward to teaching you, my mother tongue, Greek! I currently live in Norway but with the help of technology, I can provide affordable Greek lessons wherever you live in the world. Greek is definitely not the easiest language out there but together we will make it easy, in a fun and interactive way :) I hope you give me the chance to teach you my language and make you fluent as soon as humanly possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Greek in Oslo?

Learning Greek is not easy. No matter what your language background is, Greek is a unique language in the Indo-European language family which makes it stand out from any other language in the world. Many people wonder how much time it takes to learn Greek but my answer will always be that it depends on the learner. Some people are better at learning languages than others. How much time you dedicate every day to studying also plays a huge role. If you take the time and effort to immerse yourself in the language by talking to native speakers, listening to Greek music, watching movies/shows in Greek, etc. you'll learn Greek faster than other people. It's all about practice and motivation.

Is it difficult to learn Greek in Oslo?

Your location does not matter. If you have internet access and a device like a computer or a phone, I can teach you Greek. If you live in the area of Møre og Romsdal, I can teach you in person. Unfortunately, the site does not have the option for the city of Ålesund, where I live.

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I am available to teach Greek wherever you are located in the world via zoom!

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