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Learning a language is THE MOST EASY THING TO DO. You don’t believe me? Read this, I WILL EXPLAIN.
Do you feel learning a language is HARD?

I did. I struggled to learn French for 7 years in school - and today I remember absolutely NOTHING. I wouldn't even be able to buy bread in a bakery when going to France!

That changed, however, when after school, I started learning SPANISH for myself. And I learned speaking fluently IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR! And I know 100 times more than what I learned in school.

Now, this year, I started learning JAPANESE, and it's easy. Why?

Because it's the METHOD THAT MATTERS, and I will teach you how to learn.

I started teaching German to children 3 years ago. But at that point, I had not successfully learned a new language myself (except English, which I grew up with bilingually. And French at school, but as mentioned above, it was miserable.)

A year after starting to teach GERMAN, I moved to Mexico, and was put to the challenge of learning a totally new language myself: SPANISH.
I took it as a challenge, and as I had studied Physics at University, I knew there must be a methodical and scientific approach that will make my life easy and let me fast track the learning process.

This is when I came up with my method, which I will teach you. I call it the LLB-Technique, or: LEARN-LIKE-a-BABY-Technique.

It's simple, it's logical, and once you understand how it works, it's OBVIOUS. AND IT WORKS. But because in school, we learn languages in the most painful ways possible, and we are never told how to effectively learn a language, we don't think about this OBVIOUS WAY OF LEARNING.

I learned Spanish to a good level in less than a year - all on my own. Now I live in Japan, and I am learning Japanese. "Japanese, isn't that SUPER HARD?!" - you might ask? No, it's not - it's exactly as easy as Spanish or English or German or any other language.... If you know HOW TO LEARN it.

So that's what I do:

I teach THE ONE AND ONLY effective method to learn any language, in this case, my mother tongue, German. I will teach you the LLB-Technique, which will BOOST your progress in German, and allow you to learn FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT than you have ever done before. You will be surprised how easy it will be.

Is it difficult for a baby to learn a language? NO!

And it is not difficult for adults as well, if we imitate what babies do.

So why are you waiting?

Book your first lesson now, I will show you how to BOOST YOUR GERMAN and learn faster, more efficient, and with much less effort than you've experienced ever before.

In the last 3 years I have taught many students of all ages, from children, especially in China, to adults all over the world. My simple, yet effective technique allows students to make gains quickly.
I do not focus on the correct Grammar at first, and you will not have to learn vocabulary painstakingly like you did in school. I will show you a PAIN FREE and EASY way to learn and make MORE GAINS than you have ever before. Give me a try, and let me prove it to you. Does that sound good? Then CONTACT ME now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn German in Sydney?

Learn Like a Baby! That's how, next to speaking German and English, I learned Spanish in less than one year, and am now learning Japanese - with NO difficulties at all.

How much time does it take to learn German in Sydney?

Investing a few minutes every day will serve to activate the POWER of your SUBCONSCIOUS mind and will help you go a long way.

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