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Lives in Zrenjanin, Central Banat District, Serbia
 Since  January 2024
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Native Filipino and English Teacher

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My name is Jesreel, I am 26 years old and I used to live in the Philippines. Right now I am living in Serbia.

I graduated from Marikina Polytechnic College and studied Secondary education majoring in English.

I am very keen on reading and collecting books. I like any sort of story like thrillers, history, fantasy, mystery, and classics.

I also like taking vacations near nature where I can go fishing, have a picnic, climb the mountains, and do other nature-loving activities.

I recently finished a Serbian language course. It was an amazing experience as I can now really imagine what it's like being a learner.

I have a neutral American accent and it is easy to understand.

I have been teaching people from all over the world, so learning something new from them is a great honor for me.

I offer grammar classes, translation, language exams like IELTS and TOEFL practice, and English for academics and non-academics.

I hope to see you soon in the class and help you get the confidence you need in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Filipino in Belgrade?

To embark on the journey of learning Filipino in Belgrade, you can leverage various resources and strategies. Begin with online platforms like Duolingo or Babbel for structured lessons, supplemented by self-study using language books, apps, and flashcards. Actively seek language exchange opportunities to engage in real conversations with native speakers, either through local meetups or online forums. Explore the possibility of joining Filipino language courses offered by cultural centers in Belgrade for a more formalized learning experience. Immerse yourself in the language through movies, music, and news to enhance your understanding of real-life contexts. Additionally, consider hiring online tutors for personalized guidance and practice. Consistency is key, so dedicate regular time each day to practice and reinforce your Filipino language skills progressively.

Is Filipino easy to learn?

The ease of learning Filipino varies from person to person. Factors such as linguistic background and familiarity with Austronesian languages can influence the learning experience. The language's simple grammar and lack of verb conjugations may make it accessible for some, while others may find challenges in adapting to a new script (Baybayin) and phonetic patterns. Access to resources and the support of native speakers can significantly impact the learning journey. Ultimately, the level of difficulty is subjective and depends on individual circumstances and dedication to consistent practice.

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