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Hi, I'm Nina! I'm from the Philippines and speak Filipino as my mother tongue. Besides, I'm proficient in English and Japanese. Teaching English to Japanese learners has given me valuable experience in understanding the challenges foreigners face when learning a new language. I've learned to be patient and empathetic while guiding individuals through the learning process.
Engaging with people is something I genuinely relish; I'm sociable and love to have conversations. It brings me joy to share knowledge and interact with others. This, coupled with my experience in language instruction, helps me create a comfortable and effective learning environment for those looking to explore and master new languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Filipino in Atlanta?

Learning Filipino in Atlanta can be challenging due to limited local resources. However, utilizing online resources, joining language groups, getting a tutor, and immersing in media and conversations can significantly assist. I'm dedicated to making language learning easy and enjoyable, committed to creating a fun and effective learning environment.

Is Filipino easy to learn?

Learning Filipino tends to be relatively straightforward for English speakers due to shared vocabulary and simple grammar. However, the ease of learning any language relies on individual dedication and practice. I am committed to ensuring that the language learning experience is both easy and enjoyable, striving to create an engaging and fun learning environment to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

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