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 Since  March 2024
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Qualified English Tutor with over 400 successful students

Private English Tutor in Venice and Online

With an IELTS 8.5 certificate and over 7 years of teaching experience on hand, I have helped more than 400 students reach their educational goals. Many students of mine are currently studying or working abroad in their dream universities.
I have more than 60 textbooks and video materials available to create a personalized study plan for you to precisely match your learning style and educational goals (including materials compiled/created by the tutor).
My classes are perfect for exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT) but also for those looking for career opportunities in an English-speaking environment. Based on your needs, I can provide a holistic learning experience or target specific areas that need to be improved (Speaking, Writing, Grammar, etc).
Discover your hidden talents and ignite your passion to learn! Hands-on, inductive, and gamified learning style!

Hands-on Learning
Most students complain they understand everything, but are not able to communicate effectively or express their thoughts accurately. Many others worry they keep repeating the same mistakes despite hours of cramming English grammar.
To solve these problems, discover hands-on learning with me where you immediately apply every bit of knowledge acquired in practical use. This way, after introducing each new concept, we'll have an interactive practical activity to solidify this new concept as an active tool that you can use in your daily academic life.

Inductive teaching
My method is inductive teaching, which guides students to arrive at the right answers on their own rather than 'serving the cold dish' by asking them to memorize concepts without complete understanding. This way, learning will become an exciting journey of self-discovery, and the concepts you learn stay permanently in your memory.

Gamified Learning
I cultivate discipline and encourage creativity in students. I believe in creating an enjoyable learning experience to ensure consistency, and ultimately success, backed up with gamified learning strategies such as storytelling using images, creative writing prompts, two truths and a lie, roleplaying, guessing games and many more. Learning was never meant to be stressful! Discover with me how much enjoyable learning English can be with me!

Writing can be scary! We start off with easy tasks of writing simple and short paragraphs and soon, with practice, you'll find yourself writing full-blown essays and articles. Starting from crude writing with simple words and mistakes, we can work together to elevate it to sophisticated writing embellished with advanced vocabulary!

Confidence is the key to fluency! Enrich your vocabulary, get rid of persistent grammar and pronunciation mistakes, and polish your speaking skills while practicing through interactive, gamified tools to reach your academic and career goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn English in Venice?

With the right amount of practice and appropriate learning materials, you'll be able to communicate effectively within just three months. Especially, given that Italian language shares a multitude of grammatical and lexical elements with English

Is English easy to learn?

Depending on your native language, it can be quite confusing due to how rich it is as a language, with sheer number of words, their synonyms, each with subtle meanings, as well as idioms and collocations, without mentioning how the pronunciation gets tricky at times. However, through immersive and natural learning experience, these obstacles can be overcome and you can learn to speak the language the way native speakers do.

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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Home, Prato della Valle, Liviano library, Beato Pellegrino library,Via Cesare Cremonino 32, 35124 Padua Padua, Italy

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