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Lives in Spiegelweg, 14057 Berlin, Germany
 Since  April 2024
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Certified Eng/Russ Language Tutor with 3 years of Practice

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Hello, my name is David :)

I am from Georgia and I'm a student of Filmmaking and Art Design faculty at Berlin University of Applied Sciences. But cinema and Art are not my only sources of inspiration and pleasure, which I get during my work on the set. Learning more than five languages and studying linguistics, I have a great passion for teaching English and Russian.

I have three years of teaching experience. Developing methodologies during my education in Pedagogy and Linguistics, I designed materials for most of my lessons and plans. My teaching methods were formed in the process of studying at the faculty of the State Film and Television Institute with a streaming direction of pedagogy and linguistics.

I am a successful participant in the IELTS and TOEFL exams. For 3 years of teaching lessons, I have successfully prepared more than 90 people for testing at the Advanced level. I also have extensive experience in preparing for the State Examinations - the Unified State Examination in Russia and ZNO in Ukraine, with the number of students from 20 people from each country

My main goal is to make the learning process not only useful and interesting but also comfortable. As a student, I understand the difficulties and circumstances that my students go through and am always happy to adjust and make the lesson understandable and interesting for you. All my methods and plans are developed and strategized personally for the student, and I use relevant and native sources to immerse you as much as possible in the language, and in the area that interests you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Russian easy to learn?

The Russian Language has a reason to be one on the list of difficult languages. Russian can be challenging, but it's also incredibly rewarding. Like any language, it has its complexities, but once you immerse yourself in its rich culture and dive into its grammar and vocabulary, you'll find a whole new world opening up to you. Plus, there's something truly satisfying about mastering those Cyrillic characters! With dedication and the right guidance, anyone can conquer the Russian language. So, while it may be a bit tough at times, the journey is worth it!

How much time does it take to learn Russian in Berlin?

Learning Russian in Berlin can be an exciting journey! While the exact time it takes to become proficient varies for each person, what matters most is your dedication and enthusiasm. With the vibrant multicultural community in Berlin, you'll find ample opportunities to practice Russian both inside and outside the classroom.

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