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Welcome to the last English course you will ever need.

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Certified American ELA/ESL, IB, and AP Teacher- My teaching experience spans a great deal of the world through the medium of online learning, while my practical classroom experience includes teaching in schools in America, Turkey, and Thailand. My qualifications include a BA in English and Spanish, an MA in English Literature, certifications in English Language Arts and Reading, English as an Additional Language, as well as an EC - 6, Generalist endorsement. I also hold the Swiss, International Baccalaureate endorsement for English. Students who study under my tutelage see significant progress, as I meet learners where they are, and build their confidence in all of the English domains, in this way, my students can achieve their goals and be successful in any academic setting.

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions:

1. What can I expect during lessons?

During our first lesson, I will talk to you to learn more about your learning goals and complete an assessment to gauge where you are in your learning journey. Then I will ask questions about your interests and background and develop a plan specifically for you. Alternatively, if you sign up for a course like SAT Prep or Business English I have already developed a course and will inform you of what is included.

2. What kind of materials will the teacher use?

Having been a teacher for many years in American and International schools as well as online, I have amassed an extensive library of materials more than sufficient to meet the needs of any learner. Texts come from publishers like Pearson and are top-tier resources that schools and businesses use.

3. What kind of students does the teacher work with?

I work with students from a wide array of backgrounds. My students range from young learners to business leaders and their backgrounds are equally varied.

4. What will I need for lessons?

I recommend bringing a pen or pencil and a notebook in which you will create a portfolio of your work. Of course, you can take notes on your computer but writing by hand creates connections in the brain.

5. Will there be homework?

I recommend students continue to practice outside of lessons to reinforce and retain what we cover in class. Materials for outside can be provided by request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn English in Bangkok?

Learning English in Bangkok is very easy because there are multiple opportunities to practice and interact with native speakers.

How much time does it take to learn English in Bangkok?

How much time it takes depends on how much time you have to dedicate to practice. The more lessons you take and practice outside of class, the more quickly you will learn English.

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