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🥇1️⃣ #1 Ranked English Tutor Bangkok | 7+ Yr English Tutor

Private English Tutor in Bangkok and Online

Hi there!

I'm Niall, a UK (English) English Tutor w/ 7+ Years Experience Living in Bangkok!

I am:

☑️ Apprentus & Teacheron #1 Ranked English Tutor in Bangkok & Thailand
☑️ 10+ Years UK & US Corporate, Business & Sales Experience incl. Some of The World's Largest Companies
☑️ 7+ Years Consulting & Coaching Experience (incl. English)
☑️ Upwork #1 Ranked Sales & Career Counselor (UK & Worldwide)
☑️ Top Ranked Business & Corporate Consultant, Resume & CV Writer
☑️ Cambridge English (TKT) Qualified
☑️ University of Kent Graduate, Scholarship Student & Rowing Team Captain
☑️ The King’s School Grantham Grammar School Student & Class President
☑️ UK Born English Native w/ >500 Years English Family Heritage

My specialities include:

✔️ Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Tutoring
✔️ English Speaking Tutoring
✔️ English Writing Tutoring
✔️ English Listening Tutoring
✔️ English Conversation Tutoring
✔️ Exam Preparation Tutoring
✔️ IELTS Preparation Tutoring
✔️ Cambridge English Preparation (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 & TKT)
✔️ Professional English Tutoring
✔️ Corporate English Tutoring
✔️ Business English Tutoring
✔️ Interview Preparation Tutoring
✔️ Accent Reduction Training
✔️ UK, US & Western Cultural Training
✔️ English Resume & CV Writing + Editing

Send me a message. I love to teach English, especially to those who really want to learn!

Thanks again,



General Reviews For Niall:

🏆 >35 Successful Personal & Upwork Clients Across Roles


💬 “Niall was extremely helpful and through method of elimination identified where the problem was.”
💬 “Niall and .. were both absolutely brilliant. They were so helpful, friendly and fantastic at their jobs. Genuinely the best customer experience I have had with a large company…”
💬 “Niall was very friendly and was happy to help with my query.”
💬 “Niall was very helpful and courteous.”
💬 “Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”
💬 “Very efficient.”

1️⃣ Upwork #1 Ranked Sales Consultant, Coach, Counselor & Teacher
1️⃣ Upwork #1 Ranked Career Counselor & Consulting
1️⃣ Upwork Top Ranked CV Writing Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn English in Bangkok?

English is like other languages, with the exception that it is commonly spoken in broken form as a second language. It can be learned to a very good, almost native standard in any city, including Bangkok.
For Thai Learners especially, we recommend that they work with a Native English Speaker if possible if they wish to master English, particularly in the areas of Fluency, Common or Business English and Accent Reduction.
Many Thais have good knowledge of English Grammar learnt at school, however, it is the lack of Fluency in Speaking and Accent that give them away.
For example, you will find many Filipinos with US Accent English, to the point of being a native speaker.
This is rare with Thais, even among some who have studied abroad.
If someone has the goal of really mastering English, we recommend working with an English Speaking Teacher & Accent Specialist who can help in these areas, especially for those who wish to work with Foreigners in Business, etc.

Is English easy to learn?

Yes, especially given that there is so much content (not all of it good) and cultural influence from English Speaking Countries. The areas where Thais tend to fall short are Fluency, Accent & Common English. These are also areas where English Teachers tend to fall short and fall into speaking "Tinglish". Yes, many of us have moved to Thailand to live, though for those who seek to learn English for use abroad, etc, it is important to maintain a high standard, as though one were teaching abroad.

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