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Hi, let me tell you more about myself, I am a qualified TEFL teacher with a TEFL certification. I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese and Chinese, and I have a Korean ethnic background, which means I am able to teach all these languages. I can confidently say that I am a multilanguage teacher with a deeper knowledge of a diverse range of cultures and customs. I have taught English for over 5 years at public schools as well as private schools in Japan and Korea which gave me great insights into language teaching and different cultural norms. Learning a new language can be quite daunting, you just have no idea where to start from. Particularly, when it comes to English, you feel nervous and have this fear of making mistakes. But I believe you should have fun while learning the language.

In my class, you have to think and speak in the target language only, to help you really immerse yourself in the language you are learning. It does not mean you have to stress out yourself, Whether you want to learn basic expressions for traveling, grammar for exams or conversational English, I will be on your journey together to work towards your goals.

I am ready to try out any teaching methods or styles that may meet your needs and learning styles. If you are looking for an empathetic teacher who can make you feel comfortable to learn a language. I may be the right teacher for you. I offer a trial lesson for the first class. I am mostly free in the morning on weekdays and weekends. Feel free to book a lesson with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn English in Auckland?

Learning English in Auckland can be a great advantage as you will have a lot of opportunities to practice in real life situations. with the right resources, such as listening to podcasts, going to language exchange groups and watching movies in English, you can surely dramatically improve your English within a month.

Is it difficult to learn English in Auckland?

It is not definitely difficult to learn English as long as you are willing to put an effort with the right resources.

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I can meet at local cafe in New market, Parnell, Epsom

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