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I am Dennis, a native Cantonese speaker and online language teacher. I am a freelancer who teaches multiple languages and does interpretation and translation jobs. I like history, politics, traveling, and sports. If you like watching football, NBA, playing squash, and table tennis. If you want to speak colloquial Cantonese while traveling in Hong Kong, talk to Hong Kongers who are moving all over the world. Let's start your Cantonese lesson with me.

I am an experienced Cantonese teacher who has been teaching Cantonese for more than 10 years. I completed the teacher registration to the Education Bureau of Hong Kong in 2015. I have taught at Hong Kong Federation of Women Limited, an organization providing free lessons to new immigrants from mainland China Jyutjiangyuehao, a Cantonese center targeting Shenzhen and Guangzhou markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Cantonese in Vancouver?

There are many Cantonese speakers in Vancouver and Richmond. As the Canadian government has imposed Stream A and Stream B for Hong Kongers to relocate to Canada, the number of Cantonese speakers is surging. You can see many stores with Cantonese features all over Canada.

How much time does it take to learn Cantonese in Vancouver?

I will be spending the first 4 lessons on Cantonese Jyutping (including 6 tones, initials and finals). I would focus on the tone pitches (flat tones, rising tones, falling tone), the differences between voiced vowels (b g d in English) and voiceless vowels (b g d in Cantonese) and the unique main vowel "oe".

After that, we will be learning basic grammatical structures such as MSOV 本書喺屋企. There are 5 chapters for beginner level including Self-introduction, shopping, giving a phone call, food ordering and transport.

我們會用四節課學習粵拼(含6聲、聲韻母)。我會集中糾正音高(升、降和平調)、圓唇音oe oi ui yu和入聲(ptk),其後會介紹語法差異,如我畀咗本書你 vs 我給了你一本書。初級有五課:自我介紹、購物、打電話、嗌嘢食(點餐)和搭車。課堂重點包括如何說出地道粵語。

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