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Lives in M1W 0A5, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
 Since  May 2024
Tutor from Hong Kong SAR China





Native Cantonese Speaker from HK✨Fluent in 4 Languages

Private Cantonese Tutor in Toronto and Online

I have 2 years of tutoring experience and regularly guide students in multiple languages, mainly teaching in Chinese/English/Japanese. For example, I teach Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese to Canadians, and English and Cantonese to Japanese. My students range from 10 to 60 years old.
I provide a wide range of Cantonese classes 1. Absolute Beginner Course 2. Speaking Class 3. Slang Class
Teaching methods
For Cantonese conversational classes, I prepare a variety of topics and interesting questions to encourage students to actively express themselves in Cantonese. Each lesson, I open new slides for new vocabulary/grammar, and after class, I record and upload the audio onto the slides to ensure students can review and hear the correct pronunciation even without a teacher.
For beginner lessons, I tailor my own materials to each student's needs. Greetings, Self-introduction, vocabulary, grammar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Cantonese in Toronto?

Learning Cantonese can be relatively easy with me

Is it difficult to learn Cantonese in Toronto?

Besides tutor's support, it depends solely on your personal commitment.

28 CAD
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Tutor available
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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Mainly online Google Meet/Discord/Skype Any places of walkable distances from M1W0A5 (I cannot drive sorry)

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