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ESL Teacher| Business English InstructoR

Private Armenian Tutor in Budapest and Online

With a foundation in professional language skills and a rich background in the negotiation and sales industry, I have evolved my career to specialize in empowering individuals and businesses alike. My expertise lies at the intersection of educational excellence and practical application, where I facilitate transformative journeys for my students, guiding them toward becoming IT professionals, logistics managers, and successful business owners.

My Skill Set:

🌟 Diverse Teaching Experience: Taught students of all ages, enhancing my skills across various learning environments. Highlights include:
📌 Worked with over 10+ language companies and schools in Armenia and abroad.
📌 Led a team to organize 20+ engaging activities for English learners, improving language accessibility.

📘 Educational Leadership & Material Development:
📌 Conducted 15+ educational seminars at various schools and NGOs (DG School, Youth Opportunities Club NGO, Youth Generation NGO), broadening English language learning access.
📌 Authored a comprehensive book on English phrasal verbs, serving as a key resource for countless students.

💡 Innovative Teaching Methodologies:
📌 Prepared students for challenging exams, including US citizenship tests, KET, and TOEFL Junior with a 90% success rate.
📌 Enhanced learning through visual materials, following advanced pedagogical seminars.

🚀 Professional Skills & Achievements:
📌 Proven ability to teach both online and offline, reaching 100s of students globally.
📌 Successfully secured funding for 5+ educational projects as a grant writer, showcasing exceptional problem-solving skills.

📈 Commitment to Customer Satisfaction & Educational Excellence:
📌 A track record of improving student examination success rates and language proficiency.
📌 Dedicated to leveraging innovative strategies and a detail-oriented approach to advance educational leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Armenian in Budapest?

To communicate with the Armenian Community in Budapest.

Is it difficult to learn Armenian in Budapest?

Yes, it is. The Armenian community in Budapest is small and the language itself is difficult to learn.

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General English|Business English|IT English|Logistic English| TOEFL/IELTS Instructor|ELT Material Writer