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Certified teacher of Arabic and the Qur’an, with more than 7

Private Arabic Tutor in Jerusalem and Online

Hello, my name is Hasan from Palestine, an expert teacher. I live in the Gaza Strip. I am 29 years old. I am a teacher of the Arabic language and the Noble Qur’an with the rules of recitation and intonation of Islamic education. I love the field of education and I have 7 years of experience.
Welcome. I teach the Arabic language
For native speakers and non-native speakers, and I use the book Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniyyah, the book Noor Al-Bayan, Arabic in Your Hands, and the Arabic Conversation, and I have a very great experience to teach students, and I teach writing, reading, conversation, listening, dictation, and memorization. And the means that make teaching easy, attractive, and fun
I help students learn very well and use the blackboard, electronic devices, pictures, and educational videos that facilitate education for the student.
I teach art, drawing, mathematics, and English, I teach English conversation to people who speak Arabic, especially to children

I love the art of drawing since I was young, especially basic drawing because it is the basis of any traditional work with certain materials such as paper and others, or graphic drawing
I have 7 years of experience teaching painting. I specialize in painting
With pencils and charcoal, and I love practicing language, art, and drawing, especially with beginner children, I like to share with them the things they want,
Dear student, do not hesitate to contact me and book a lesson and I will be happy
Nice to meet you
see you soon
In Shaa Allah

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Arabic in Jerusalem?

Learning the Arabic language is very easy, and it requires a little commitment to the lessons while practicing the language with people who are native speakers of the Arabic language.

Is it difficult to learn Arabic in Jerusalem?

Learning the Arabic language in Jerusalem is not difficult, because the student will be with an Arab community, and it will be easy for him to find Arab people to practice the Arabic language with.

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