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• My name is Hajar, and I am 24 years old. I currently live in Incheon, located in South Korea. I have a degree in English literature. I aspire in the future to achieve everything I have planned for and achieve success. I love practicing many hobbies such as cooking, reading, Traveling, camping, sports, running, and more, and I would love to help anyone who would love to learn Arabic as it is a very interesting language now. Let's be honest Arabic is not that easy, but by the time of learning it gets easier and easier, it takes longer but let's make it shorter by focusing on the important ones and ignoring what is not important.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Arabic in Incheon?

I can say 50% easy and the other is hard , but if you have the will to do it , of course you can with my help

Is it difficult to learn Arabic in Incheon?

No not difficult because I'm here to help anyone who want to learn arabic

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Incheon Football Stadium, 중구 참외전로 246, Jung, Incheon 22328, South Korea. Teaching at home or in a coffee would be so comfortable, but I prefer Teaching at home to focus more