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Learning Albanian with a native speaker is fun and easy. ...

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Albanian is my mother tongue.
I have a Master's Degree in Albanian Literature and language specializing in main two dialects geg (north) and
tosk (south). I have more than 7 years in community interpreting. Learning a new language should be fun and not stressful. Both we going to listen to Albanian songs and learn new words while enjoying the beautiful Albanian pop, rock, and traditional Albanian songs. Albanian is easy to learn with the help of a native speaker, who is linguistically qualified.

Behavior management strategies foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, reduce disruptive behavior and ensure students have an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential in the outdoor classroom in the coffee shop, or in the park. Blended learning conversational exercises, practicing visiting a museum, gallery or just walking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Albanian in City of London?

The easiest way to learn Albanian in the City of London is to go to an Albanian coffee shop, where we can relax and learn the basics of communication.

Is Albanian easy to learn?

The key to learning Albanian is to practice the language with a native speaker and listen to a lot of Albanian music, and shows. General speaking at the Conversational level in Albania is easy to learn.

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