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My name is Daniela! I am from Chile but living in Croatia for almost two years. As a professional psychologist and university teacher I started teaching classes related to the development of social-emotional skills and some time later, together with my passion for travel, I did some volunteer work teaching specifically Spanish.
I have managed to combine my knowledge in psychology to deliver neurodiversity strategies in teaching and learning processes. During the last time I have had the opportunity to learn the technique of total physical response to learn Spanish, whose method is based on language teaching that combines speech with action and proposes to teach the language through physical activity.
Discover the joy of learning with me! As a passionate psychologist and experienced teacher, I am dedicated to helping you develop social-emotional skills while exploring new cultures. With my expertise in technology and active methodologies, we will make your learning journey exciting and fulfilling. Let's start today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Spanish in Zagreb?

Spanish can be learned anywhere with motivation and the right tutor. In cafes and parks of this beautiful city we can start the adventure.

Is it difficult to learn Spanish in Zagreb?

If your mother tongue is Croatian, I assure you that Spanish is a simpler language. If you find it difficult at times, you can practice listening to beautiful Spanish music or movies. Our culture is extensive.

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