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Greetings! I'm Daria, a native Russian speaker and a highly qualified Language Educator with a Master's degree in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL). With 7+ years of experience, I've helped students of all ages and backgrounds reach fluency levels from zero to C2. From fostering language skills for personal growth to catering to Russian for business purposes, I've got you covered.
My diverse experience includes creating educational materials featured on national TV, mentoring students from over 25 countries, and preparing engineers for higher education at Moscow Power Engineering University. I've even assisted professionals in the tourism and hospitality sectors.
Join me for a customized Russian learning experience designed to fit your unique goals and abilities. Your success is my mission, and I'm excited to help you achieve your language aspirations. Let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Russian easy to learn?

Like any language, it has its complexities and challenges, but it also offers a rich cultural and linguistic experience.
While some aspects of Russian, such as its Cyrillic alphabet and complex grammar rules, may initially seem daunting, I'm here to guide you through them with structured lessons and personalized support.

Is it difficult to learn Russian in Muscat?

Learning Russian in Muscat, like learning any language in a foreign country, can have its unique challenges and advantages. In Muscat, you may not find as many readily available resources and immersion opportunities for learning Russian as you would for more commonly taught languages. However, with the right approach and dedication, it's entirely possible to make significant progress.

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