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Learning with a Native Speaker - Привет, говоришь по-русски?

Private Russian Tutor in Kraków and Online

Hi, I am Faina, a Native Russian Speaker! Let's learn мазер рашн together!
My background:
- Born and bred in Moscow - она же Нерезиновая
- Graduated from the Lomonosov University - one of the best in Russia и вот позорю гордое имя родного университета
- 5 years in Education (tutor, school teacher, trainer, student competition organizer, and jury) и всё ещё не сошла с ума
- Participated in Russian political opposition campaigns и немного боюсь об этом открыто говорить
- Living in Cracow since 2022 (интересно, почему?)
My professional skills and knowledge:
- Communication
- Learning tricks and approaches
- Have a blog in Russian for half a year
- Patience and responsibility захочешь жить - ещё не так раскорячишься
- Russian swear words and похабные шутеечки are mastered
- English C1
Although I am a beginner at teaching Russian as a foreign language, I have a rich background in teaching in general and the use of Russian, especially proverbs. For instance, слово - не воробей. Ничто не воробей, кроме воробья. А волк в цирке не выступает.
Join me in a Russian learning adventure, and we will conquer this difficult language with the help of Russian memes, chai, and кузькина мать!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Russian in Kraków?

Tips on learning Russian in Cracow:
- visit ex-pat groceries
- join Telegram and find local ex-pat chats
- find Russian-speaking friends and hang out with them (it could be me! :) )
- visit events at Stakkato Art Space - plenty of Russian-speaking people there!
- go to a Russian bookstore (I know one!) and grab a book there

Is it difficult to learn Russian in Kraków?

Learning Russian in Cracow is not difficult at all! Although the language can't be encountered "in the wild" too much, there is plenty of Russian-speaking people and events in Russian.

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